Kristin Cobb

Director of DevelopmentKristin Cobb

After working as a consultant to the Club for Growth for a number of years, Kristin came on board full-time as the Director of Development in November 2011.

During her time consulting for the Club, Kristin played a pivotal role in significantly growing the Club’s membership.  Kristin’s primary focus is on continuing to expand the Club’s membership, while also ensuring that our current members receive regular and relevant communication reflective of the Club’s mission.

During Kristin’s almost 10 year career, she has worked as a consultant to several of the nation’s leading conservative political and advocacy groups.

Kristin graduated with a B.A. in English from Virginia Tech.  In her spare time she coaches basketball, soccer, and track for Special Olympics in Arlington, VA.

From Club Members

Club for Growths'  philosophy, and its PAC's mission to support lawmakers and candidates that share that philosophy, are what is necessary for our great nation to be restored to the mantle of history's greatest and lasting achievements.  Personal and economic freedom are essential ingredients to the notion of American exceptionalism and helped define our unique American character.  True Conservative principles are, undeniably, the backbone of Club for Growth...that is why I support their efforts and suggest other like-minded individuals and groups to look into supporting them as well.
- Howard Houchen, Hugo, OK

Club for Growth is a national network of thousands of Americans, from all walks of life, who believe that prosperity and opportunity come through economic freedom. We work to promote public policies that promote economic growth primarily through legislative involvement, issue advocacy, research, training and educational activity. Join today!



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