Club PAC Endorses Bob Schaffer

Andrew Roth - May 31st, 2007

Club for Growth PAC Endorses Bob Schaffer in Colorado Senate Race

Washington &mdash Today, the political action arm of the Club for Growth, the nation’s leading free-market advocacy organization, endorsed former Republican Congressman Bob Schaffer in Colorado’s 2008 Senate race.

During his three terms in Congress from 1997-2002, Bob Schaffer was a dedicated defender of taxpayers and political speech and a strong proponent of lower taxes; limited government; free trade; and school choice. In contrast, the presumed Democratic nominee, Congressman Mark Udall, is as dedicated to thwarting economic growth as Schaffer is to promoting it. Over his eight years in Congress, Rep. Udall voted against the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts; against CAFTA; for McCain-Feingold; and most recently, for the Democratic budget that would impose the largest tax hike in our country’s history.

The National Taxpayers Union awarded Rep. Schaffer five grades of A for 1997-2001 and a grade of B+ for his final year, ranking him number 31 out of the House of Representatives’ 435 members in 2002. The NTU scorecard is based on every vote that “significantly affects taxes, spending, debt, and regulatory burdens on consumers and taxpayers.” In stark contrast, Rep. Udall received 7 Fs and one D for his congressional tenure. In the Club for Growth’s 2005 and 2006 scorecards, he received an abysmal 4% and 10% respectively.

“I served with Bob Schaffer in the House of Representatives, and it is clear from his record that he would be a wonderful addition to the U.S. Senate,” Club for Growth President Pat Toomey said. “It is equally clear from Mark Udall’s record that he would persist in his liberal tax-and-spend ways. Bob Schaffer was a committed supporter of free-market principles in the House, and I have no doubt that his support would continue as strongly in the U.S. Senate.”


McCain's Shoddy Memory

Andrew Roth - May 29th, 2007

Straight Talk Watch: McCain’s Shoddy Memory of Bush Tax Cuts


Washington &mdash When it comes to the Bush tax cuts, Senator McCain has a very shoddy memory. Although he opposed and spearheaded the fight to undermine the Bush tax cuts in 2001 and 2003, McCain is now a proponent of extending those tax cuts, arguing in a just published Business Week interview that he supports “extending all of the tax cuts.” The problem? It simply isn’t true.

The 2001 tax cuts gradually reduce the Death Tax until its eventual repeal in 2010. Extending the 2001 tax cuts would include the complete repeal of the Death Tax, but McCain is on record opposing the repeal of the Death Tax, all too eager to impose double taxation on those he labeled “the malefactors of great wealth.” Senator McCain ought to review his past votes and statements on the Death Tax. While he’s at it, he should refresh his memory and reread the hostile class-warfare rhetoric he used in opposing the tax cuts in the first place.

“If John McCain were really interested in ”straight talk’ he would admit that his votes in 2001 and 2003 were a mistake, and that the Bush tax cuts have contributed to massive economic growth in this country,” Club for Growth President Pat Toomey said. “Senator McCain argues that letting the Bush tax cuts expire would ”have the effect of a tax increase,’ but when it comes to reviving the Death Tax, McCain is all too happy to hike taxes through the roof. When it comes to tax cuts, Senator McCain ”straight talk’ just sounds like a bunch of talk.”


Tariff Talk is Pure Lunacy

Andrew Roth - May 25th, 2007

Club for Growth Calls Talk of Tariffs Definition of Lunacy

Washington &mdash The Club for Growth denounced talk of imposing tariffs on China and urged Congress to resist protectionist policies that will only hurt America.

“Attacking our second largest trading partner by imposing tax hikes on ourselves is the definition of pure lunacy,” Club for Growth President Pat Toomey said. “Imposing tariffs on Chinese goods will hurt Americans, deter Wall Street, and create the potential for a devastating trade war with China that no one can win.”

“Protectionists in Congress claim to be looking out for middle-class Americans, but the policies they push will only harm those Americans in the form of higher prices, lower quality, and stalled economic growth. The best way to protect Americans is to continue to promote the kind of free trade policies that have contributed to the country’s economic prosperity over the past twenty years.”

A Different Kind of Democrat?

Andrew Roth - May 21st, 2007

Bill Richardson: A Different Kind of Democrat, Hopefully

Washington – Bill Richardson’s announcement today of his presidential candidacy is a nice change from the militant tax-and-spend diatribe that we have been hearing from the Democratic front-runners.

John Edwards, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton have all demonstrated a deep antipathy towards the free market and a gleeful eagerness to raise taxes through the roof the first chance they get. In the MSNBC Democratic debate, only Governor Richardson chided the tax-and-spend triumvirate, saying, “Well, as Democrats, I just hope that we always don’t think of new taxes to pay for programs.”

While Governor Richardson’s record is far from stellar&mdashhe raised taxes and spending&mdashhe also cut New Mexico’s top income tax rate, and has demonstrated a willingness to tolerate the free market rather than declare war upon it.

“There is no reason why being a Democrat must translate into raising taxes and stifling economic growth,” Club for Growth President Pat Toomey said. “It is a shame that almost all of the Democratic Party’s leaders feel a need to kowtow to the far-left of the party’s base, to the detriment of the country’s economic health. While Bill Richardson is certainly no Milton Friedman, he has an opportunity to open up the Democratic Party to pro-growth policies. We hope he takes advantage of this opportunity.”

Club Denounces FY08 Budget

Andrew Roth - May 18th, 2007

Democrats Live Up to Tax-and-Spend Name
Club for Growth Denounces Democratic Budget and Urges Bush Veto

Washington &mdash If there was any doubt about whether the Democratic leadership was going to shed its tax-and-spend name, all doubts were put to rest yesterday when the Democratic Congress, save 13 Democratic representatives, passed a $2.9 trillion budget, along with the largest tax hike in U.S. history. Once a tax-and-spender, always a tax-and-spender.

The Democratic leadership claims it is not raising taxes, but it might want to explain to American taxpayers why the budget contains a minimum of $217 billion in tax increases. While the leadership is at it, it might also want to explain why the Democratic budget increases spending by a whopping $23 billion over the President’s request.

“The 2001 and 2003 tax cuts played a crucial role in the economic growth that the country has experienced over the past several years,” Club for Growth President Pat Toomey said. “So what do the Democrats do? They let the tax cuts expire. Republicans were booted from power, in part, because they got greedy with taxpayer dollars. So what do the Democrats do? They get even greedier.”

“The Democratic budget is a slap in the faces of taxpayers across America, and the Democratic leaders don’t even have the guts to admit it up front,” Mr. Toomey continued. “We urge President Bush to veto the spending bills contained in the budget and tell the Democratic Congress they can’t treat taxpayers this way.”

The Club for Growth’s 2007 congressional rating will award bonus points for those representatives who sign the Campbell-Ryan letter pledging to support the President’s veto of any fiscal 2008 appropriations bills.