Addicted to Taxes

Mr. Andrew Roth - May 03rd, 2007

Lynn Jenkins &mdash Addicted to Tax Hikes

Washington – Lynn Jenkins did such a good job of raising taxes for hardworking Kansans as a Kansas State Legislator, now she wants to move up to the United States Congress where she can raise taxes on all Americans.

As the former State Legislator and current State Treasurer prepares to announce her candidacy for Democrat Nancy Boyda’s 2nd Congressional District seat, Kansas Republicans should take a close look at Jenkins’ record and ask themselves if they want to nominate a proven tax-hiker. As the Beatles once warned, “Don’t ask her what she wants it for, if you don’t want to pay some more.” Consider her record:

  • Jenkins voted to raise the state sales tax by 8% (HB 2009, 2002)
  • Jenkins voted to expand the Death Tax to family members outside the immediate family (SB 39, 2002)
  • Jenkins voted to increase fuel taxes by more than 38% over four years (HB 2071, 1999; HB 2507, 2001; HB 3011, 2002)
  • Jenkins voted to increase state income taxes by 5% (Topeka Capital-Journal, 04/12/02)
  • Jenkins voted against decreasing state property taxes by $1 million (SB 69, 2001)
  • Jenkins voted to increase taxes on insurance premiums (HB 2065, 2001)
  • Jenkins voted to increase taxes on tobacco by 270% (Topeka Capital-Journal, 04/12/02)
  • Jenkins voted for an $18.1 million increase in alcohol taxes (Topeka Capital-Journal, 04/12/02)
  • Jenkins voted for a total of $335 million in higher taxes in 2002 (Topeka Capital-Journal, 04/12/02) and a total of $31.4 million in higher taxes in 2001 (Topeka-Capital-Journal, 05/05/01)
  • Jenkins supported taxing the Internet (Project Vote Smart, 2000)
  • Jenkins refused to sign a pledge against new taxes. (Kansas Taxpayers Network)

“Lynn Jenkins’ record in Kansas is a litany of one tax hike after another, I’m surprised she hasn’t voted to tax people in Kansas for breathing,” said Club for Growth President Pat Toomey. “Given her record in Kansas, Americans can’t afford to have Lynn Jenkins in Congress. The U.S. Congress has plenty of tax-hiking politicians; it doesn’t need another one.”


Bruce Bartlett is 'Crazy'

Mr. Andrew Roth - May 02nd, 2007

Bruce Bartlett is “Crazy”
Hillary Clinton is no Conservative

In a column yesterday, conservative writer Bruce Bartlett argues that the GOP will lose the White House in 2008 and urges his fellow Republicans to support the most conservative Democratic candidate. “Call me crazy,” Bartlett writes, “but I think that person is Hillary Clinton.”

Okay, since he insists: Bruce Bartlett is crazy.

Bartlett offers no reason to believe that Hillary would be economically conservative other than her marriage to Bill Clinton. If anything, Hillary’s record during the Clinton presidency&mdashcan anyone say Hillary Care&mdashdemonstrates just the opposite. Before Bartlett stocks up on Hillary 2008 paraphernalia, he might want to sit through a refresher course in Hillarynomics. The following statements (compliments of Thomas Kuiper) offer a quick glimpse of what a Hillary presidency would really look like:

“I believe that.” &mdash Hillary on the following statement: “The unfettered free market has been the most radically destructive force in American life in the last generation.”


“We can’t afford to have that money go to the private sector. The money has to go to the federal government because the federal government will spend that money better than the private sector will spend it.”&mdashHillary on Social Security


“Other developed countries . . . are more committed to social stability than we have been, and they tailor their economic policies to maintain it.”


“Too many people have made too much money.”


“The other day, the oil companies reported the highest profits in the history of the world. I want to take those profits.”

“It is clear that Hillary’s relationship with the free market is hostile at best,” said Club for Growth President Pat Toomey. “Her distrust of individual freedom, her distaste for the capitalist system, and her faith in government control places her at the far left end of the political spectrum. A President Hillary Clinton would do everything in her power to make America look more like our neighbors across the Atlantic and less like the capitalistic free-market enterprise that has made this country great.”


The Toomey-Ponnuru Debate

Mr. Andrew Roth - May 01st, 2007

Pat Toomey to Debate Ramesh Ponnuru on McCain Candidacy Tomorrow on Laura Ingraham

Washington – On Wednesday, May 2, 2007, Club for Growth President Pat Toomey will debate National Review‘s Ramesh Ponnuru on McCain’s conservative credentials on the Laura Ingraham radio show. The debate begins at 11:15 AM in Washington DC on WTNT 570 AM. To find a station broadcasting Laura’s show near you, see here.

McCain's Announcement

Mr. Andrew Roth - April 25th, 2007

Another McCain Announcement, Same Old Tax Record

Washington – As John McCain announced his presidential candidacy for the umpteenth time today, the Club for Growth called upon John McCain to renounce his votes against the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts and acknowledge the important role the tax cuts have played in stimulating the economy.

“John McCain is touting himself as a fiscal conservative, but his record tells a different tale,” Club for Growth President Pat Toomey said. “No matter how many times McCain announces his candidacy or how many speeches he gives, Senator McCain can’t paper over his anti-growth record of opposing tax cuts and supporting the Death Tax with campaign stunts and stump speeches.”

“As the Dow Jones surpasses a record-breaking average of 13,000, it is clear that the same tax cuts that John McCain opposed so vociferously have contributed to the economic prosperity of the last several years,” Mr. Toomey continued. “If Senator McCain is truly interested in demonstrating his commitment to fiscal conservatism, he should start by admitting the error of his ways on tax cuts, sign the American Tax Reform pledge ruling out an increase in taxes, and embrace a series of comprehensive tax cuts that includes cutting the tax on corporate income, eliminating the Death Tax, and significantly reducing marginal tax rates across the board.”

Dow Hits 13,000!

Mr. Andrew Roth - April 25th, 2007

Surprise&mdashCapitalism Works!

Washington &mdash The Club for Growth hailed the Dow Jones’ record-breaking average of 13,000 today as proof of a vibrant economy and the free market at work.

When President Bush proposed the largest, pro-growth tax cuts in a generation, Democratic and even Republican critics predicted economic disaster, but the economic prosperity of the past several years and today’s shattering average only six months after the Dow hit 12,000 ought to silence the critics and the alarmists on both sides of the aisle.

“In the four short years since the 2003 tax cuts, the market has exploded, growing over 50% and producing $6.1 trillion in new shareholder wealth,” Club for Growth President Pat Toomey said. “Breaking the 13,000 barrier today is further testimony that low taxes and free-market policies are good for the economy. It is clear that the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts set the country on a pro-growth path that is continuing today. For those who talk about raising taxes and letting the Bush tax cuts expire, today’s record-breaking average ought to be a warning to leave a good thing alone.”