Club Denounces Pork-Stuffed Spending Bill

Mr. Andrew Roth - March 23rd, 2007

Club for Growth Denounces Passage of Pork-Stuffed
House Iraq Spending Bill

Singles out “Blue Dog” Democrats who Broke Their Word

The Club for Growth denounced the 218 Democrats and 2 Republicans in the House of Representative who voted for the Iraq supplemental spending bill, containing $24 billion worth of wasteful pork-barrel projects. The Club specifically singled out freshmen Democratic Representatives Nancy Boyda (KS-02); Heath Schuler (NC-11); Nick Lampson (TX-22); Tim Mahoney (FL-16); and Harry Mitchell (AZ-05) who won their House seats on a campaign to restore fiscal responsibility to Congress and cut out earmarks. Instead these politicians caved to political pressure, throwing American taxpayers under the bus on their way down.

“Unfortunately, these candidates will say anything to get elected, but when push comes to shove, they roll over and play dead at the smallest command from their Democratic Party leaders,” said Club for Growth President Pat Toomey. “The U.S. Congress though, is not a canine obedience school. American taxpayers want to be represented by responsible stewards of their hard-earned money, not poodles. Ultimately, these congressmen will be held accountable for their empty promises and their cavalier attitude towards American taxpayers.”

“The Club for Growth also urges President Bush to abide by his threat to veto the spending legislation when it reaches his desk,” Mr. Toomey continued. “While the Democrats have made it clear that they cannot keep even the simplest of pledges, we hope the President will set a better example.”

The Iraq Spending Bill

Mr. Andrew Roth - March 23rd, 2007

Club for Growth PAC Targets “Blue Dogs” Over Iraq Spending Bill

WASHINGTON – The Club for Growth PAC denounced the Democratic House leadership for stuffing the Iraq war supplemental bill with $24 billion in outrageous pork projects and called upon the following Democratic freshmen to live up to their campaign pledges to restore fiscal responsibility to Congress and cut pork. “Many candidates say the right things on the campaign trail, but have little or no intention of following through on their promises once elected,” said Club for Growth President Pat Toomey. “The Club for Growth PAC is targeting these freshmen in the hope that they will live up to their word and put American taxpayers ahead of the Democratic Party leadership.”

  • Nancy Boyda (KS-2): Nancy Boyda recently came out in support of the pork-stuffed Iraq supplemental bill, but her campaign website told a different story. Running against Republican Jim Ryun, she wrote “Congress must never waste a single taxpayer dime on needless spending…Wasteful spending has increased exponentially in recent years.” Does Nancy Boyda think $75 million for peanut storage is not a waste of taxpayer dollars?
  • Heath Schuler (NC-11): In his race to unseat Republican Representative Charles Taylor, the former football player attacked the incumbent Republican for his “irresponsible” earmarks (Wall Street Journal, 10/11/06) and said that “the people of North Carolina deserve better” (US Fed News Service, 10/11/06). We hope he remembers those words when it comes time to vote on the Iraq spending bill.
  • Nick Lampson (TX-22): Nick Lampson campaigned on fiscal responsibility and took a harsh stand against congressional pork on his campaign website: “We have terrible waste in our government that can be addressed right now. We shouldn’t be spending on pork projects like bridges to nowhere in Alaska and a tea pot museum in North Carolina. We must set priorities and stick to them.” By that standard, Rep. Lampson should cast a “no” vote on the Iraq war spending bill.
  • Tim Mahoney (FL-22): According to his campaign website, Rep. Tim Mahoney campaigned on wide-sweeping ethics reform that included a platform to “Cut the Pork.” Interestingly, the supplemental bill includes money for citrus growers in Rep. Mahoney’s district. Could that possibly have something to do with Tim Mahoney’s support for the Iraq supplemental bill?
  • Harry Mitchell (AZ-5): Rep. Mitchell beat the fiscal responsibility drum on his campaign website: “Unfortunately, fiscal irresponsibility and pork-barrel spending has Washington swimming in red ink . . . In Congress, I will promote fiscal policy that is both responsible and accountable, just as I did at the local level.” Now that his own Democratic leadership is the one doing the drowning, will Rep. Mitchell have the courage to just say no?


The Colorado Senate Race

Mr. Andrew Roth - March 22nd, 2007

Club for Growth PAC Pleased with Potential Bob Schaffer Candidacy in Colorado

Washington – The Club for Growth PAC is pleased to hear that former Representative Bob Schaffer is considering entering the race to succeed retiring Republican Colorado Senator Wayne Allard.

During his three terms in Congress from 1997-2002, Bob Schaffer was a dedicated defender of taxpayers and a strong proponent of lower taxes, limited government, and greater freedom. He even earned the nickname “Honest Bob” for fulfilling his campaign pledge not to serve more than three terms as a U.S. Representative.

The National Taxpayers Union awarded Rep. Schaffer five grades of A for 1997-2001 and a grade of B+ for his final year, ranking him number 31 out of the House of Representatives’ 435 members in 2002. The NTU scorecard is based on every vote that “significantly affects taxes, spending, debt, and regulatory burdens on consumers and taxpayers.” In the same vein, the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste gave Rep. Schaffer a lifetime rating of 85 for his six years in Congress, making him a “Taxpayer Hero.”

“I served with Bob Schaffer in the House of Representatives,” Club for Growth President Pat Toomey said, “and I speak from personal experience when I say that Bob Schaffer would be a fantastic addition to the U.S. Senate. In the House of Representatives, he was a committed supporter of free-market principles, and I have no doubt that his support would continue as strongly in the U.S. Senate.”


Club Calls on McCain to Apologize for Tax Votes

Mr. Andrew Roth - March 21st, 2007

Washington – The Club for Growth is calling on Senator McCain to renounce his 2001 and 2003 votes against the Bush tax cuts and apologize for his vocal class-warfare-laced opposition to them.

In 2001, Senator McCain was 1 of only 2 Republicans to oppose the Bush tax cuts (Roll Call #170, 05/26/01) and 1 of only 3 Republicans in 2003 (Roll Call #196, 05/23/03). He even went so far as to adopt the class-warfare rhetoric of the Senate’s most liberal Democrats, arguing in a 2003 Face the Nation interview that “the reason why I opposed the last round was because the&mdashwhat I felt was a disproportionate favoring of the wealthiest 1 percent, 10 percent of Americans. If that’s continued, obviously, then I wouldn’t support that.”

Only two months ago, Senator McCain had the opportunity to disavow his votes, but refused to do so.

Kudlow: Lower tax rates have produced the flood of new revenues, the deficit’s coming down, the stock market’s going up. OK. Against that backdrop, you voted against the tax cuts in 2001 and 2003. When you look back on that, sir, was it a mistake to make that vote?

McCain: I don’t think so because I saw no restraint on spending.

Now, Senator McCain is portraying himself as a fiscal conservative and a proponent of tax cuts on the campaign trail. When asked a couple days ago by Salon what President Bush has done right, Senator McCain cited the very tax cuts he had voted against. Straight talk -&mdash we hardly knew ya.

“The Bush tax cuts were responsible for widespread economic growth and the creation of 7.5 million new jobs,” Club for Growth President Pat Toomey said. “If John McCain had the opportunity to do it all over again, would he again oppose the Bush tax cuts and 7.5 million new jobs? Or will he finally admit that his 2001 and 2003 votes were a huge mistake? American taxpayers are waiting for Senator McCain’s answer.”

Club for Growth Denounces Democratic Tax Hike

Mr. Andrew Roth - March 15th, 2007

Club for Growth Denounces Democratic Tax Hike

Washington &mdash The Club for Growth denounced the 2008 Democratic budget proposal as a recipe for economic disaster. While the chairman of the Budget Committee, Kent Conrad (D-ND), claims that that the proposal does not increase taxes, the expiration of the Bush tax cuts will effectively raise taxes on all Americans by a whopping $2.1 trillion from 2008 to 2017. At the same time, Senator Conrad is proposing increasing government spending, including $18 billion in new discretionary spending for 2008 alone and $150 billion over the next five years.

To understand the potential economic damage of Senator Conrad’s proposal, one need only look at the positive results of the Bush tax cuts over the past couple of years. The Bush tax cuts are responsible for the recent boom in economic growth, the creation of 7.5 million new jobs since 2003, increased wages, and a higher standard of living. The tax cuts are also responsible for the wave of new tax revenue flooding the federal treasury’s coffers, putting a balanced budget within our reach.

“Looking at the Senator Conrad’s budget proposal, I can’t help but wonder if the Democrats have been living in a cave, because you would have to be hibernating for the past couple of years not to notice the economic benefits resulting from the Bush tax cuts,” said Club for Growth President Pat Toomey. Unfortunately, Senator Conrad’s budget will wipe away those benefits if implemented. The Budget Committee should reject the chairman’s proposed tax hike, and pass a budget that will assure economic growth by extending the tax rate cuts set to expire after 2010.”