Sanford Bishop (GA-02)

  • Official Website
  • First elected in 1992
  • Washington Office Phone #: (202) 225-3631
The Myth:
  • “With the Blue Dogs leading the way, the Congress is committed to addressing the country’s long-term fiscal challenges...The Blue Dogs have worked tirelessly over the years to require the federal government to spend within its means...It is time to put an end to the out-of-control deficit spending that has led our country down such a fiscally disastrous path.” - Rep. Sanford Bishop's official website (Source)

  • "Congressman Sanford D. Bishop, Jr. (GA-02) today joined with fellow Members of the Blue Dog Coalition in strong support of President Obama as he urged members of both the House and Senate to pass legislation requiring that any new mandatory government spending be matched with budget cuts or savings elsewhere." - Press statement, June 9, 2009 (Source)

  • "Some people have asked how I could be a fiscally conservative Blue Dog Democrat and still support the health reform bill. I do not know how I could be a Blue Dog Democrat and not support this bill." - Rep. Sanford Bishop's official website (Source)

The Truth:X=Fiscally Irresponsible
Votes with Pelosi on economic issues X 97%
Votes to keep PAYGO rules X 0%
RePORK Card Score X 0%
On ObamaCare X Voted YES
Repeal ObamaCare's Individual Mandate? X Voted NO
On Cap and Trade X Voted YES
On Stimulus X Voted YES
On Repealing TARP   Voted YES
On Obama Budget X Voted YES
On Cash for Clunkers X Voted YES
On Auto Bailout X Voted YES
On Fannie/Freddie Bailout   N/A
The Bottom Line:

The evidence is so overwhelming that Bishop is not a fiscal conservative, we're surprised that he even tries to portray himself as anything but a progressive liberal.  He supports the entire Obama-Pelosi agenda, did not vote once to enforce the Blue Dogs' signature PAYGO rule, and has a disastrous record on wasteful pork projects.