Ben Chandler (KY-06)

  • Official Website
  • First elected in 2004
  • Washington Office Phone #: (202) 225-4706
The Myth:
  • "As a fiscally conservative Blue Dog Democrat, I believe we must be good stewards of the taxpayer dollars while making strategic investments in our people and remaining focused on ways to bring down our national debt." - Rep. Ben Chandler's official website (Source)

  • "Congressman Chandler is a member of the Blue Dog Coalition, the fiscally conservative Democratic caucus and has continually backed responsible federal budget plans that extend middle-class tax cuts while slashing the federal deficit." - Rep. Ben Chandler's official website (Source

  • "As an appropriator and a fiscal conservative Democrat, I have a vision of an America where we will not pass down the burden of debt to our children. I believe we must work toward rebuilding a national surplus and investing in programs that benefit our futures rather than those that only seek short-term returns. In summation, perhaps Benjamin Franklin said it best on how to accomplish this goal, 'A penny saved, is a penny earned.'" - Rep. Ben Chandler's official website (Source)

The Truth:X=Fiscally Irresponsible
Votes with Pelosi on economic issues X 85%
Votes to keep PAYGO rules X 19%
RePORK Card Score X 0%
On Obamacare   Voted NO
Repeal ObamaCare's Individual Mandate?   Voted YES
On Cap and Trade X Voted YES
On Stimulus X Voted YES
On TARP   Voted NO
On Repealing TARP   Voted YES
On Obama Budget X Voted YES
On Cash for Clunkers X Voted YES
On Auto Bailout X Voted YES
On Fannie/Freddie Bailout X Voted YES

The Bottom Line:

As an appropriator, Chandler is an unabashed supporter of pork projects.  He demurred on ObamaCare and TARP, but he supported the rest of Obama's big government agenda.  Chandler also broke his pledge to not increase taxes.  These do not add up to be the attributes of a fiscal conservative by any stretch of the imagination.