Health Care Reform

A True Tale of Canadian Health Care

Andrew Roth - December 08th, 2009

A Tanning Tax?

Andrew Roth - December 08th, 2009

Democrats are scouring the private sector for potential tax hike targets.  Your industry might be next.  From Congress Daily ($):

First there was the "Bo-tax" on elective cosmetic surgeries. Now, a new tax on indoor tanning services could be in play, as Senate Democrats continue to hunt for healthcare revenues anywhere they can.

The concept of an excise tax on tanning services, which could include salon walk-ins or tanning beds and sunlamps sold for residential use, was floated in a weekend Senate staff meeting on the health bill. Officials described the idea as preliminary and not being seriously considered at this time. But as senators continue to draft amendments to add spending or scale back other pay-fors, all bets could be off. It would also be in keeping with Senate Democrats’ desire to keep any new revenue sources within the healthcare system.

Quote of the Day?

Andrew Roth - December 04th, 2009

Political strategist Charlie Cook writes about a focus group he recently witnessed that was comprised of Obama and McCain supporters.  Excerpt:

“Democratic strategists should be quite worried because the warm and fuzzy, hopeful and admiring sentiments expressed about Obama do not extend to Democrats in Congress.

[...]One telling moment came after [pollster Peter] Hart asked each voter to write the name that comes to mind when they think of Congress. Bill, a 62-year-old retired automobile-industry executive and independent who backed Obama, wrote ‘Satan.’ When Hart asked why, Bill answered, ‘Because I wasn’t sure of the correct spelling of Beelzebub.’ Now that’s intensity.”

HT: Michael Cannon

Sen. Brown and Shaheen Defend $300 Million "Bribe"

Andrew Roth - November 23rd, 2009

Politico: "House bill increases health care costs"

Andrew Roth - November 16th, 2009