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Memo on Obamacare Repeal

Doug Sachtleben - April 04th, 2017



To:       Interested Parties

From:  Club for Growth

Date:   April 4, 2017

Re:      Time for a Deal on Obamacare Repeal

The deal to repeal Obamacare that Vice President Pence is negotiating is a major step forward. It would finally include relief for American families from skyrocketing health insurance premiums in the Obamacare repeal bill. As we understand it, the deal would give states the opportunity to seek a ten-year (and possibly permanent) waiver of burdensome Obamacare insurance regulations. Studies show that these regulations have increased health insurance premium costs by 40% to 100%.

Allowing states the chance to opt out of them will:


  • Open the way for insurance companies to offer a greater menu of lower-cost options to consumers, fulfilling President Trump’s commitment to drive down health care costs.
  • Save taxpayers by letting states waive costly regulations.
  • Restore the principle of federalism to at least part of health care.

There is also a new proposal to reduce costs by expanding state high-risk pools.

If House leadership won’t accept this new improvement to their bill, they will miss a key opportunity to put Obamacare repeal back on track.

We think the Vice President’s effort is a good step forward, and, as long as the bill language fully reflects these new cost-saving reforms, the Club for Growth will support it.

As we said last week, Republicans – both conservatives and moderates – would have to be the ones to put together a good package for repealing and replacing Obamacare. It is important to note that, so far, conservatives have improved the bill significantly:


  • Scaling back Obamacare regulations – yet to be agreed to
  • Ending the individual and employer mandates
  • A quick repeal of Obamacare taxes that will save taxpayers almost $900 billion
  • Expanding Health Savings Accounts
  • Reducing the cost of Medicaid and, for the first time, allowing states to receive Medicaid funds in a block grant
  • Including a work requirement for Medicaid recipients

Taken together, these improvements are making the bill into a real repeal of Obamacare.

We’ve always known that all sides would not get everything they sought, and that the final bill would be less than perfect. But, by doing these real changes that lower premiums, reduce taxes, and improve Medicaid, Republicans in Congress can still repeal and replace Obamacare.



Club for Growth Supporting VP Pence Efforts At Obamacare Repeal

Doug Sachtleben - April 04th, 2017

Club President David McIntosh was on Fox News this afternoon with Bill Hemmer explaining the Club’s Support for including regulatory changes in the Obamacare repeal effort.

Club Stands with House Freedom Caucus

Doug Sachtleben - March 31st, 2017

Club for Growth President David McIntosh appeared on Varney on the Fox Business Network this morning and was asked about the debate over Obamacare repeal and health care reform.

Three Steps the American People Want in Obamacare Repeal

Doug Sachtleben - March 30th, 2017

“We’re glad to see Speaker Ryan is ready to work with conservatives to improve Obamacare repeal, and to bring back competition and lower health insurance costs.”

Washington, DC – Club for Growth president David McIntosh released the following statement after House Speaker Paul Ryan said he was open to “improvements” to the health care bill:

“We are glad to see Speaker Paul Ryan is ready to work with conservatives to improve Obamacare repeal, and to bring back competition and lower health insurance costs, just as President Trump promised. To do that, the repeal effort needs to include these core principles that will drive down the cost of health insurance:

  • Interstate competition in the House or Senate version
  • The rollback of more costly Obamacare insurance regulations, which will lead to savings in federal spending on tax credits
  • Handling pre-existing conditions with state high-risk pools

“If House leadership remains stuck on an Obamacare bill that does not deal with these issues, Republicans will pay the price in 2018 when health care costs are continuing to spike upward,” said Club for Growth president David McIntosh. “Polls show that the American people overwhelmingly rejected last week’s flawed House bill. House conservatives are working to fix it, and Speaker Ryan needs to ensure that the House bill is focused on the priorities of the American people.”

The Obamacare Repeal Pledge that Conservatives Are Fighting For

Doug Sachtleben - March 28th, 2017

In January 2016, House Speaker Paul Ryan criticized then-President Obama for vetoing the Obamacare repeal passed by the House and Senate, and then said, “We have shown now that there is a clear path to repealing Obamacare without 60 votes in the Senate. So, next year if we’re sending this bill to a Republican president, it will get signed into law. Obamacare will be gone.”

This was the pledge that should be the baseline of any current Obamacare repeal effort.

(h/t Conservative Review)