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Op-Ed in The Hill: The longer you wait, the harder it will get — repeal ObamaCare now

Stacy French - December 21st, 2016

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For six years Republicans have fought for the opportunity to repeal and replace ObamaCare. That time has come, and there should be no delay.


When the new Congress is sworn in on Jan. 3, it should immediately pass the budget resolution that will provide the framework for repeal. The repeal bill itself should be waiting at the Oval Office when President Trump arrives on January 20.


That repeal should provide for the elimination of the mandates on employers and individuals, and should zero out their corresponding penalties.


It should end the ObamaCare taxes, like the Medical Device tax, the Medicare surtax, the penalties and limitations that were slapped on Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts, the so-called Cadillac Tax, and the other fees and excise taxes used to pay for the bureaucratic mess created by ObamaCare.


Lately, there has been talk of Republicans taking three years, or even longer, to complete the process of replacing ObamaCare. That’s too long.


ObamaCare was created by Democrats as an intentionally obtuse and complicated law. Unwinding it and putting patient-centered, free-market reforms in its place will not be easy. But this Congress should fulfill the mandate that it was given by voters.


By the time House and Senate members are on the ballot for re-election in Nov. 2018, ObamaCare’s taxes, mandates, market regulations, and subsidies should be things of the past.


The longer it takes to repeal and replace ObamaCare, the harder it will get. Democrats will use any delay or hint of hesitancy to stir up trouble.


It’s up to Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to make it clear that Republicans haven’t simply been clamoring for this moment, but that they are prepared to seize it.


Contrary to the mainstream media narrative, Republicans have been putting forth good health care reform proposals, including strong plans from President-elect Trump’s nominee for Health and Human Services Secretary, Chairman Tom Price.


Club for Growth Supports Nomination of Rep. Tom Price as HHS Secretary

Doug Sachtleben - November 29th, 2016

“Dr. Price brings a common sense commitment to free market health care reforms.”

Washington, DC – Club for Growth president David McIntosh released the following statement in response to President-elect Donald Trump’s nomination of Congressman Tom Price to lead the Department of Health and Human Services:

“Tom Price brings something to HHS that’s been missing for a long time: A common sense commitment to free market health care reforms,” said Club for Growth president David McIntosh. “Dr. Price has been a leader in the effort to repeal and replace Obamacare, even signing the Club’s Repeal It! pledge in March 2010. Along the way he’s earned a 91% Club for Growth lifetime score for voting in favor of pro-growth policies. The Club eagerly anticipates his leadership in health care reform that will lower costs and diminish the role of the federal government.”


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