Wednesday's Daily News

Mr. Andrew Roth - December 02nd, 2009

WSJ Editorial: ObamaCare at Any Cost

Ron Paul’s "Audit the Fed" amendment is still "up in the air," according to Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank.

Economist Mark Perry says the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting…richer, too.

Via Radley Balko, a House bill being considered, "would give the government the right to dismantle financial firms that pose a risk to the economy, even if they are healthy."

A libertarian candidate for Costa Rica’s presidency has a shot at winning.

IBD Editorial: A lost decade of economic growth.

Professional athletes, with the help of their accountants, must pay state income taxes in most of the visiting states in which they compete.

Jonah Goldberg writes, "Washington is run by people who think they can run everything, but can barely run anything."

A couple was arrested for failing to tip their waitress at a pub in Bethleham, PA.

GOP candidates are running away from their cap and trade bote.

Tuesday's Daily News

Mr. Andrew Roth - November 24th, 2009

One in four borrowers are underwater, according to the WSJ.

Democrats want a "war surtax."

Sides deals (a.k.a. bribes) are stacking up as ObamaCare moves through Congress.

According to Rasmussen Reports, opposition to ObamaCare has reached a new high.

It goes without saying, but it’s always worth saying anyways, but ObamaCare is unconstitutional, says Cato’s Gene Healy.

The Colombia free trade agreement enters its fourth year in limbo.

When it comes to the trade deficit with China, Paul Krugman debates himself.  And loses.

Here’s an IBD editorial that writes about two opposites: Robert Byrd and term limits.

What’s the right minimum wage question to ask economists?

Joke of the Day: The economy is so bad that the bank returned my check marked "Insufficient Funds" and I had to call them to ask if they meant me or them.  More here.

Monday's Daily News

Mr. Andrew Roth - November 23rd, 2009

Senator Jim DeMint is a tea party favorite!

The cost of servicing the federal debt is going to be huge, even if budget deficits go down.

Democrat primaries are going to be U-G-L-Y next year.

Here are the latest 2010 Senate Race Ratings by the Rothenberg Report.

Here’s a refreshingly good SNL skit that makes fun of the Obama Administration’s dumb economic policies.

There are 11 states that are already planning to opt-out of ObamaCare if it passes.

The healthcare debate has swelled the lobbying ranks.

Cato’s Michael Tanner writes about how "moderates" sold out for pork and party.

Global warming expert Bjorn Lomborg has started a short series of op-eds in the Wall Street Journal leading up to next month’s Copenhagen climate conference.

Don Boudreaux continues to debunk the myths of manufacturing.

Welcome Club Members!

Mr. Andrew Roth - November 18th, 2009

Welcome to the new website!  Please watch the video tutorials if you’d like to learn how to use all the cool, new features.

Screen Names?

Mr. Andrew Roth - November 18th, 2009

For Club members who are just joining us on the new website, you’ll notice that your screen name is "ClubMemberXXXX" where the Xs are just a bunch of numbers.

This is to protect your privacy.  But if you click on your profile page, you can quickly change it to something else.  I changed my own screen name to just be my real name, but you can change it to anything you like.