We've heard of government intervention, but this is going too far

Barney Keller - May 11th, 2011

 Did the Florida Legislature actually just ban what someone thinks they banned?

(H/T Teagan Goddard’s Political Wire)

Update: Nevermind

Barney Keller - May 11th, 2011

Election Law Blog says Flordia did not, in fact, do what I thought they did.  Carry on.


Happy Birthday Microsoft!

David Keating - April 04th, 2011

Today is Microsoft’s 36th birthday.  Whatever you think of the company, there’s no denying it shows how capitalism can create innovations, wealth and great jobs. 

As Network World reported, "It’s story is the stuff of American legend and myth (a scrappy startup that turned into an international powerhouse)."

The article also has a nice quiz on the company.

New House Seats — 8 of 12 Go to Income Tax Free States

David Keating - December 22nd, 2010

Eight states get 12 new house seats at the next election, according to the new Census Bureau figures.

Incredibly, 8 of the 12 new seats go to states with no general income tax — Florida, Texas, Nevada and Washington. 

In the Congress elected in 2012, 91 of the 435 seats will go to the 9 largely income tax free states.  That’s up from 70 in 1980.

Coming to Theaters April 15 — Atlas Shrugged

David Keating - December 13th, 2010

After decades of waiting, and incredible twists and turns, Atlas Shrugged will finally appear as a film April 15.  

There is an interesting Forbes article on the film and John Aglialoro, the Cybex CEO turned movie producer.  After he acquired the film rights 18 years ago, he spent millions on screen adaptations, but could not put together the right studio deal, so he decided to produce it.

If you want to learn more and follow it to the release day, you have a choice of an official Facebook Fan Page, excellent outsider blog, and the official movie website (not yet live).