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Club for Growth Applauds President Trump’s Executive Order Introducing Market Competition to Healthcare

Rachael Slobodien - October 12th, 2017

Washington, DC – Today, Club for Growth President David McIntosh issued the following statement in response to President Trump’s executive order calling for policies that will increase healthcare competition and lower healthcare costs while improving the quality of care:

“Club for Growth applauds President Trump’s executive order, which will help to roll back some of Obamacare’s most harmful regulations,” stated Club for Growth President David McIntosh.

“Allowing health insurance to be sold across state lines will introduce much-needed competition into the health care industry and do much to lower insurance costs.”

“Thanks to the disaster that is Obamacare our nation’s health insurance market is hemorrhaging; health insurance costs are through the roof.  Because of Obamacare, millions of middle-class families have lost or can no longer afford their health insurance.  Instead of allowing the hemorrhaging to continue, our nation should embrace free markets and competition wherever possible. 

The president’s leadership and action on this issue is critical, particularly in contrast to the Senate’s inability to repeal Obamacare.  As much as liberals may hate to hear it, the legislative text of Obamacare provides for much latitude and executive branch discretion in the law’s implementation.

So until Congress acts to repeal and replace Obamacare with a truly free-market healthcare system, Club for Growth will continue to encourage President Trump to act within the full extent of his executive authority to mitigate Obamacare’s disastrous impact and bring competition to the healthcare industry.”

Club for Growth PAC Endorses Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley for Senate

Rachael Slobodien - October 10th, 2017

Washington, DC – Today, the Club for Growth PAC announced its endorsement of Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, who is running against incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO).

 “Club for Growth PAC is absolutely thrilled to announce our support for Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley in his bid to unseat Senator Claire McCaskill, stated Club for Growth PAC President David McIntosh“Josh is an ideal candidate who possesses conservative credentials and a commitment to pro-market economic principles few can match.”

“From his time clerking at the Supreme Court to serving as the Show Me state’s attorney general, Josh has demonstrated a keen knowledge of federal policy and is devoted to defending the Constitution against government overreach.

“Unlike out-of-touch liberal Claire McCaskill, Missourians will be able to count on Josh to be a strong voice for fiscal sanity.  Josh also isn’t afraid to tackle the cronyism that plagues Claire McCaskill and the rest of the Washington swamp.”

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Club for Growth’s Statement on Big Six’s Tax Reform Blueprint

Rachael Slobodien - September 27th, 2017

Washington, DC – Today, Club for Growth President David McIntosh offered the following statement in reaction to the Big Six’s tax reform proposal:

“Club for Growth is very encouraged and pleased with the long-awaited tax reform outline that the Big Six released today,” stated David McIntosh.

“Fundamental tax reform comes around only once in a generation, and this is our chance.  The outline is both aggressive and very pro-growth with its rate reductions.  Club for Growth congratulates the members of the Big Six for their hard work and will continue to support the pro-growth efforts of the Trump administration and Congress as they seek to make tax reform a reality.  To this end, the Club will also work with Congress to pass a budget in order to get reconciliation tax instructions.”

Club for Growth Leads Coalition Urging Trump to End Taxation of “Phantom Income;” Encourages Executive Order

Rachael Slobodien - September 26th, 2017

Washington, DC – Today, Club for Growth along with nearly 30 other conservative groups sent a letter to President Trump and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin asking that they issue an executive order that would index capital gains to inflation so that taxpayers are no longer forced to pay taxes on “phantom” gains.  In the letter, the conservative organizations explain that this Executive Order can essentially serve as a pro-growth “down payment” to help ignite the broader conversation of tax reform ahead of the Big Six’s proposal.

Below is the text of the letter along with a full list of organizations who signed it.


Dear President Trump and Secretary Mnuchin,

On behalf of the following organizations representing millions of American taxpayers, we write to strongly recommend that you end the tax injustice that is currently included in the computation of capital gains.  Specifically, we request an Executive Order that would index capital gains to inflation so that taxpayers do not pay taxes on “phantom” gains.

For much the same reason that income tax brackets were indexed to inflation over 30 years ago, we believe that it is only a matter of fairness to do the same for capital gains.

For example, if someone saving for retirement purchased an S&P index fund for $1000 in 1997 and dutifully held it for 20 years, they could now sell it for $2665.  That’s a gain of $1665.  Unfortunately, the full amount would be subject to taxation.  But $538 of that $1665 isn’t a real gain at all.  It’s phantom income that was eaten away because of inflation.  And yet, taxpayers are currently forced to pay taxes on this nonexistent income.

Signing this Executive Order would have an immediate, pro-growth effect on the American economy.  The real after-tax rate of return on all equities would immediately be priced higher – thereby increasing the wealth held by the millions of working and retired Americans who own 401ks, IRAs, mutual funds, and brokerage accounts.  It would further encourage people to expand their savings, and incentivize people to start doing so.  By preventing the money from unjustly going to the government, it could be re-invested in the economy, allowing businesses to expand, innovate, and create more jobs.

We strongly believe that this Executive Order is a pro-growth “down payment” that will help ignite the broader conversation about tax reform.  And our groups look forward to the opportunity to continue working with the Administration to enact comprehensive tax reform this fall.


Graham-Cassidy Opens the Door to Begin a Full Repeal of Obamacare; Additional Provisions Necessary to Reduce Costly Regulations

Rachael Slobodien - September 19th, 2017

Washington, DC – Today, Club for Growth President David McIntosh issued the following statement to encourage Senators Graham and Cassidy to include additional provisions in their legislation to reform Obamacare:

“Republicans must deliver on the nearly eight-year promise to repeal Obamacare,” stated Club for Growth President David McIntosh.

The current vehicle that opens the door to begin a full repeal of Obamacare is the Graham-Cassidy legislation.  While it is better than Obamacare, there’s no doubt this legislation still falls far short of a full repeal and does not do enough to lower health insurance costs.

One proposal that would do much to strengthen this legislation is Senator Cruz’s revised Consumer Freedom amendment to roll back the harmful and costly regulations at the heart of Obamacare.  Consistent with Graham-Cassidy, this addition would further empower states by allowing an opt-in process which gives the states an opportunity to choose which regulations to follow.  If this change is incorporated in the final version of the Graham-Cassidy legislation, Club for Growth will plan to support the bill.

“Make no mistake, passage of Graham-Cassidy legislation is not the end of the effort to repeal Obamacare.  Conservatives will continue to fight for Congress to do more to repeal Obamacare in order to protect families who have suffered greatly from increased health insurance costs.”