The Wall Street Journal Says a Trade War Would “hit blue-collar workers”

Madeline Rainwater - November 15th, 2016

As is often the case, top-down government solutions often spawn problems for the very people they are attempting to help. The most recent example of this can be found in policies that could instigate a trade war with China.

In an attempt to restore manufacturing jobs in the United States, it’s been suggested that America set up more trade barriers with China, but these policies could prove economically devastating, particularly for blue-collar workers.

The Wall Street Journal runs through some of the disastrous effects in this video

Obamacare rates set to increase by 25% in many states

Madeline Rainwater - October 25th, 2016

The name “Affordable Care Act” is becoming a misnomer more and more. In more than 20 states, people will likely be seeing a very steep increase in premiums, and in one instance, The Kaiser Family Foundation released data that found the cost of a benchmark plan will more than double for an average 40-year-old living in Phoenix, Arizona.

Time and time again, Obamacare has proven to be an untenable policy. It’s long overdue for a repeal!

More on this story here.

Afternoon Press Snacks 09.29.16

Madeline Rainwater - September 29th, 2016

Good afternoon, snackers! Today’s menu includes a legislative update and a word from our President:

  • Club for Growth President David McIntosh interviewed  regarding renewed focus on downballot races, CNN
  • The Club for Growth issued a key vote alert on the stopgap spending bill that passed this week, which means the Club will be incorporating lawmakers’ votes on the measure when assessing their score for next year’s annual scorecard.  The Hill

Update on AZ-05 Race – State of the Recount

Stacy French - September 07th, 2016

The Republican Primary in Arizona’s 5th Congressional District was held on August 30. Nearly 86,000 votes were cast and Club PAC-endorsed candidate Andy Biggs holds a 9-vote lead over Christine Jones. That margin will trigger an automatic recount once the election is certified. All indications from recent recounts in Arizona show that the electoral system there is extremely accurate and the final tally isn’t likely to change.

9-12-16 UPDATE –  Biggs’ lead widens to 16 votes

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Temporary Contact Info for CFG – 9/6/16

Stacy French - September 06th, 2016

While there is a temporary internet and phone line issue affecting the Club for Growth Office, please reach us at TheClubForGrowth@gmail.com

If you would like to connect with someone by phone, please just email your name and phone number to that address and a Club for Growth team member will call you back.