Joe Heck (NV-3)

Joe Heck50%

The Truth:
Repeal ObamaCare YES YES
Strike pork funding for drug intelligence center YES YES
Eliminate Legal Services Corporation YES NO
Cut energy subsidies YES NO
Strike funding for NLRB YES NO
Cut Amtrak grants YES YES
Cut most continuing appropriations spending 5.5% YES NO
Stop many new leases for oil and gas drilling NO NO
Roll back most spending in the bill to 2006 levels YES NO
Limit Davis Bacon YES NO
Passage of continuing appropriations bill NO YES
DC school vouchers YES YES
Bar EPA from passing greenhouse gas regulations YES YES
Disapprove Internet regulations YES YES
Republican Study Cmte. Budget YES NO
Bar funding for speech regulations YES YES
Cut agriculture dept. spending bill by 5% YES NO
Cut ethanol subsidy YES NO
Strike new flood insurance programs YES YES
Eliminate federally subsidized flood insurance program YES NO
Cut Energy - Water appropriations bill spending by 5% YES NO
Pass Cut, Cap and Balance YES YES
Cut Botanic Garden funding by $3 million YES YES
Cut Interior - Environment appropriations by $3 billion YES NO
Increase debt limit NO YES
Limit NLRB's powers YES YES
Pass Colombia trade agreement YES YES
Pass Panama trade agreement YES YES
Pass South Korea trade agreement YES YES
Revive expanded trade adjustment assistance NO NO
Pass bloated spending bill for five departments NO YES
Require congressional approval of major regulations YES YES
Impose 3.6% income tax surtax NO NO
Pass bloated omnibus appropriations bill NO YES
*Didn't sign discharge petition on anti-trade bill YES YES
*Sign Cut, Cap and Balance Pledge Letter YES NO
*Sign Letter in opposition to debt ceiling increase "compromise" YES NO
A = Absent
*These items are bonus actions that can boost a Member's score, but will not reduce it.