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News for October 10, 2012

The Vote Against Big Bird

Posted at 11:42 AM by Andrew Roth | Topic: *Government Spending
The Big Bird issue is really hot right now, as it should be.  Conservatives shouldn't be shy about it pushing the subject, either.  If a lawmaker can't cut spending for something as minor as PBS funding, what kind of spending are they capable of cutting?  The answer is probably "not much."

So which lawmakers don't want to cut funding for Big Bird?  At the request of a Club member who gave me the idea, I dug through the roll call votes in Congress for the past several years, and I only found one clean example.

In 2007, the House voted on a Doug Lamborn (R-Co) amendment that would defund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (the parent of PBS).  

It failed 72-357.  How did your representative vote?

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