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News for February 21, 2013

12 Step Program for Spendaholics

Posted at 10:05 AM by Andrew Roth | Topic: *Government Spending
Club member Bill King from Pennsylvania sent us the following 12-step program for Spendaholics.  Politicians in Congress should admit they have a problem!
  1. Admit to yourself and to your constituents that you have been addicted to spending.
  2. Admit to yourself and to your constituents that Spendaholism is a major cause of our budget  deficits and national debt.
  3. Apologize to your constituents & commit to fiscal responsibility. (They’ll forgive you if you mend your ways)
  4. Recognize that ALL spending decisions have an emotional component
  5. Reject emotional appeals.
  6. Commit to the use of logic, reason, and sound fiscal and budgeting practices.
  7. Recognize that all of our problems cannot be solved with one massive piece of legislation.
  8. Prioritize spending programs and reform and/or cut at minimum 3 programs per quarter.
  9. Commit to reducing the deficit by 15% per year and a balanced budget in 10 years.
  10. Pledge to vote for a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.
  11. Vow to let free market principles drive the private sector of our economy.
  12. Promote policies that will promote economic growth in the private sector.

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