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News for March 13, 2013

NPR on the Club for Growth PAC vs. New Rove Group

Posted at 09:33 AM by Barney Keller | Topic: *Club in the News

The Club's PAC is the "most likely to frustrate party bosses."

Posted at 09:06 AM by Barney Keller | Topic: *Club in the News
 There are two great news articles about the Club and the Club's PAC today:

New York Times

As the Republican Party and the conservative movement continue to debate the lessons of 2012 – a discussion that will get further attention this week at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington – the Club for Growth [PAC] is playing the role of principle-driven counterweight to Karl Rove, whose political operation has been leading the charge favoring of a more pragmatic view of how Republicans can best regain power.


The anti-tax advocacy group Club for Growth, an unapologetic purveyor of in-your-face fiscal conservatism, has no time for the Republican hand-wringing that followed November's bitter election loss. The combative Club['s PAC] is preparing to spend millions of dollars next year on its latest round of primary challenges to Republican lawmakers who it believes have violated its conservative economic principles. The confrontational strategy flies in the face of post-election Republican efforts to become a more accommodating and less ideological party, and is certain to deepen the rift between the party's conservative warriors and more pragmatic establishment wing. It also is certain to cement the Club [for Growth PAC]'s reputation, earned over more than a decade of sometimes brutal primary battles, as the outside group most likely to frustrate party bosses.

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