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Club's Power Ranking Has Record Day

Posted on Jun. 18, 10 | 09:12 AM by Andrew Roth | Topic: Other
The Club's Power Ranking set a record yesterday - there were 2,145 votes cast.  It's the first time past the 2,000-vote mark.

Looking at the current standings, it's appropriate that DeMint is considered the undisputed rock star in the Senate, but I don't understand why Jeff Flake isn't #1 in the House.  If you look at his voting record, he is without a doubt, far and above any other congressman.

It's good to see Specter in the basement on the Senate ranking.  He has zero up votes.  No other member of Congress currently matches that.  I hope it continues.

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The Worst of the Worst

Posted on Jun. 01, 10 | 12:58 PM by Andrew Roth | Topic: Other
CNN lists the country's 7 junkiest cities.

The Politico offers up the 10 worst campaigns of 2010.

Here are the states with the worst drivers.

TIME Magazine compiles the 50 worst inventions of all time.  "Hair in a Can" is a no-brainer.

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Someone Needs to Say It

Posted on May. 26, 10 | 08:15 AM by Michael Connolly | Topic: Other
I yield to no one my frustration with the tenor and policies of the Obama Administration's first year and a half.  And I'm the first to pile on when the president is doing anything wrong.

But criticism of the president for not "taking over" the oil spill situation in the Gulf of Mexico, for not "taking charge" and "plugging the damn hole," is just silly.

What exactly is he supposed to do?  Barack Obama is a lawyer and community organizer.  He's not an engineer.  He has no idea how to plug a hole in an oil line a mile under the ocean.  I don't blame him, because I don't know, either.  My guess less than one tenth of one percent of the entire American population could even make an educated guess.

Attacking the president for not solving a problem that almost no one on earth knows how to solve is wrong. 

Hollywood -- and political image-makers -- give us a false sense of the president's power.  He's not God.  He's not a superhero.  Even if he's a great leader, there's only so much he can actually make happen.  A great speech can help rally a nation or inspire an army to victory, but it can't stop oil from leaking.

Does anyone seriously doubt that if the Administration thought for a minute its "taking charge" would make a difference, they would?  The president would be down there personally to take credit.  The Administration would love to create the impression that President Obama could stop an oil leak with the wave of his hand.  But he can't.

Conservatives should know that.  There are too many valid criticisms to make of this administration for us to indulge in phoney ones.
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What Bob Bennett Can Learn from the Tea Parties

Posted on May. 24, 10 | 10:42 AM by Michael Connolly | Topic: Other
Lame-duck Senator Bob Bennett penned an op-ed in the Washington Post, “What the Tea Party can learn from Jimmy Carter,” and it’s even worse than it sounds. 

In Bennett’s telling, the Tea Partiers of 2010 are like Jimmy Carter’s supporters in 1976: idealistic, maybe, with nice slogans, but without substance or vision.  He contrasts Carter, of course, with Ronald Reagan, who “came to Washington with a clear plan to revive the economy and overhaul the tax code, revitalize the military, and most important, boost the national spirit.” 

Unsaid but implied throughout the piece is the logical conclusion of Bennett’s critique: while the Tea Partiers are hollow and silly like Carter, Bennett himself is substantive and serious, just like Reagan.

In other words, Bennett, the big-government accomodationist establishment incumbent challenged by conservative upstarts looks back at the events of 1976 and sees himself as… Reagan

People old enough to remember what really happened in 1976 should already be laughing. 

In 1976, Ronald Reagan was the principled, conservative outsider who challenged incumbent President Gerald Ford in the Republican presidential primary.  He almost succeeded, in so doing, put in motion the events that led to his election, the “revival of the economy” and the defeat of communism.

By any reasonable recasting of 1976 politics, Bob Bennett isn’t Reagan – he’s Ford. 

It should be noted, of course, that Gerald Ford was a wonderful man and honorable public servant.  It’s hard to find anyone who could say anything personally against the man.  But Ford’s approach to politics and policy – like Bennett’s – were not guided by any consistent ideology or principle.  Ford demonstrated throughout his career that he had no more idea how to fundamentally reform Washington than Bob Bennett has now.

Every condescending insult Bennett lobs at the Tea Partiers today the Bob Bennetts of a former generation lobbed at Reagan and his conservative supporters. 

They were wrong then, and Bennett is still wrong today.
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Chocola: Purity vs. Big Tent is a False Choice

Posted on May. 17, 10 | 02:56 PM by Michael Connolly | Topic: Other
The boss has a piece in this week's U.S. News & World Report called, "Political Purity vs. Big Tent Party is a False Choice." 

Money graph:

If Republicans suddenly advocated massive tax hikes on small businesses, or Democrats suddenly called for overturning Roe v. Wade, they would not be seen as inclusive, but unprincipled. If they can cave on that, what won't they cave on? As Reagan noted, there are other issues on which "we can disagree among ourselves as Republicans and tolerate the disagreement." Barack Obama could say the same of the Democrats.

Governing requires compromise, but elevating compromise itself to a principle is like building a house on sand.

Read the whole thing.
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Tuesday's Daily News

Posted on Mar. 30, 10 | 10:59 AM by Andrew Roth | Topic: Other
Obama's disapproval rating hits 50%.

Larry Kudlow comments on Obama's plan to bailout out upper-middle-income home owners.

Obama is trying to squeeze $1.2 trillion for high income earners to fund ObamaCare.  It won't work, says Alan Reynolds.

What's the next stage in the healthcare fight?  Cato's Michael Tanner explains.

The economic recovery is very hollow, says economist Bob Higgs.

Rick Lowry reports on Henry Waxman's attack on CEOs who are saying ObamaCare will hurt their businesses.

Despite a disagreement on healthcare, Lindsey Graham is working with Democrats on more big government programs.

Why does a salad cost more than a Big Mac?

Entrepreneurs are kick-starting the Haitian economy.

Here's one reason why I hate Kentucky basketball.

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Monday's Daily News

Posted on Mar. 29, 10 | 01:02 PM by Andrew Roth | Topic: Other
The Repeal pledge is becoming a GOP litmus test.

Congressional disapproval ratings hit 72 percent, now at late-1994 levels.

Obama explains why the health care individual mandate is wrong.  Yes, you read that correctly.

Here's another mandate found in ObamaCare after it passed into law.

Clever headline: "Pre-existing condition vexes Mitt Romney."

Watch out...card check by fiat.

Reuter's Jimmy P. writes, "Don't fund healthcare by taxing capital."

There's actually a labor shortage in China.

Over 2,000 Capitol Hill staffers make 6-figure salaries.

Here are the submitted earmark requests for this year.

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Tuesday's Daily News

Posted on Mar. 09, 10 | 11:44 AM by Andrew Roth | Topic: Other
A permanent welfare state: "Are unemployment benefits no longer temporary?"

House Democrats are running away from ObamaCare...

...while Bart Stupak, a leading Democrat opponent to ObamaCare, says he's optimistic about supporting it.

Economist Greg Mankiw explains the problem with deficit neutrality.

IBD: The recession isn't about job losses, but the lack of job creation.

Here are some examples of why the tax code (at every level of government) is an abomination.

Chinese factory workers cash in sweat for prosperity.

Kentucy newspaper editorial: "On deficit, Bunning was right and McConnell bungled."

What if everyone in Canada flushed at once?

Here are some great signs at a recent ObamaCare protest.

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Monday's Daily News

Posted on Mar. 08, 10 | 11:23 AM by Andrew Roth | Topic: Other
Club for Growth board member Ken Blackwell writes about the pernicious "home visits" language in ObamaCare.

Heritage's Brian Darling has the legislative lowdown for this week.  Solid stuff.

Earmarks, forever!

IBD Editorial: Jobs picture is worse than it appears.

New Poll: Congress now has a 18% approval rating.  Down from 24% in November.

Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY) says Rahm Emanuel is "son of the devil's spawn."

...and Massa thinks he was driven out because of his "no" vote on ObamaCare.

NPR (unwittingly?) makes a great case for creative destruction.

Union leader says no union is the "communist choice."

Vote Now: What is the best liberty-loving movie of all time?

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Tuesday's Daily News

Posted on Mar. 02, 10 | 10:58 AM by Andrew Roth | Topic: Other
RedState's Hogan: "It's not a filibuster, you freaking idiot!"

Here are 9 Democrats who may change their vote to YES on ObamaCare.

Bret Stephens: How Milton Friedman saved Chile.

Steny Hoyer: Tax hikes are possible.

Voter unhappiness with Congress is at an all-time high.

Economist Don Boudreaux writes an open letter to Rep. Gene Taylor, who wants to end NAFTA.

78% of voters say government spending is out of control.

Economist Russ Roberts asks, "Is the dismal science really a science?"

Cato's Dan Mitchell writes about the Butterfield Effect and how it relates to the Laffer Curve.

Here are some of the best and worst ideas for health care reform.

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Monday's Daily News

Posted on Mar. 01, 10 | 11:20 AM by Andrew Roth | Topic: Other
No more earmarxists!

Top Democrat: The House will attempt to pass the Senate's healthcare bill.

Are RINOs poised to gain ground in November?

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels writes about health savings accounts in today's WSJ.

Is China really that scary?

IBD's editors are waiting on the Democrats to respond to Paul Ryan's concerns about ObamaCare.

The pre-existing conditions of Nicole Kidman.

A union worker and a lifelong Democrat explains why he became a Republican.

Al Gore's house consumes a lot of energy.

Warren Buffett's annual letter to shareholders (PDF)

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