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Mike Huckabee's Arkansas Record

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The True Story of Mike Huckabeeƒ_Ts Arkansas Record

Washington ƒ_" In his latest ad, Mike Huckabee claims he cut taxes over 90 times and suggests that he would stem the loss of manufacturing jobs. As Huckabee prepares to convince Michigan that he is an economic conservative, the Club for Growth PAC analyzed what Mike Huckabeeƒ_Ts record says about these two issues.

FACT #1: Manufacturing jobs decreased significantly while Huckabee was governor of Arkansas. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, statewide manufacturing jobs in Arkansas decreased nearly 20% from 1996 through 2006, or nearly 1 out of every 5 jobs.

ƒ_oVoters concerned about jobs and a better economy should reject Mike Huckabee,ƒ__ said Club for Growth President Pat Toomey. ƒ_oHis poor record as governor and his anti-free market campaign positions proves that as president he would pose a real threat to the nationƒ_Ts economic health.ƒ__


FACT #2: Huckabee neglects to mention that his tax hikes surpassed his tax cuts, making him a net tax-hiker. Huckabee also neglects to mention that almost all of his tax cuts were tiny tweaks that benefitted few and did little in terms of serious tax reform. According to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, these include:

  • Exempting Heifer International from the sales tax
  • Exempting some county fairs from the special-events sales tax
  • Exempting equipment used to produce sod, grass, and nursery products from the sales tax
  • Reducing taxes on bets made on horse races a Oaklawn Park
  • Reducing taxes on bets made at Southland Greyhound Park
  • Income tax credits to biodiesel wholesalers
  • Exempting Arkansas Symphony Orchestra purchases from the sales tax

ƒ_oWhile the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra might play lovely music, exempting symphony tickets from a sales tax is not the kind of tax cut a presidential candidate should be given credit for, especially considering Huckabeeƒ_Ts tax increases on more staple items like gas, groceries, and income,ƒ__ Mr. Toomey continued. ƒ_oItƒ_Ts nice to know that after Arkansans are done paying Huckabeeƒ_Ts higher sales taxes, gas taxes, and income taxes, they can at least get a slightly reduced ticket price to the symphony. Itƒ_Ts easy to make promises in campaign commercials, but Mike Huckabeeƒ_Ts record as governor on taxes and manufacturing jobs demonstrates just how hollow his words are.ƒ__


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