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Card Check is an Abomination

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Card Check is an Abomination

Washington ƒ_" As members of Congress introduce the Orwellian-named Employee Free Choice Act in both the House and the Senate today, they should be prepared for a fight.

Taxpayers widely oppose the measure, and if the Democratsƒ_"and any Republicansƒ_"attempt to jam the legislation down their throats, you can be sure the American taxpayers will not take this abomination sitting down.

The Card Check legislation will strip workers of their right to a secret ballot election. Instead, the decision to unionize can be conducted in public, making workers susceptible to intimidation and coercion on the part of union leaders. The legislation also denies workers and business owners a final say in the arbitration process if union leaders and employees cannot agree on a contract within 120 days after a union is organized. Not only is the bill blatantly undemocratic, it will stifle economic growth at a time when businesses and workers are struggling to keep afloat. In order to grow, business owners need the flexibility and freedom to make decisions that best suit their individual companies. Instead, President Obama and the Democrats are determined to pass a bill that will strip businesses and workers of this essential freedom.

ƒ_oAs the economy continues to sink, it is stunning to watch President Obama propose one anti-growth bill after another,ƒ__ said Club for Growth President Pat Toomey. ƒ_oBut the Card Check legislation takes the Democratsƒ_T audacity to a new level. Denying workers their right to a secret ballot election in order to curry favor with the powerful labor unions is nothing short of galling. Already liberal leaders, like Al Sharpton and George McGovern, are opposing the bill, and some Democratic senators are beginning to question the wisdom of such an undemocratic bill.ƒ__

ƒ_oWe urge Democrats and Republicans to unite in killing the Card Check legislation. It is time to put politics aside and put American workers first.ƒ__

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