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Dumb Quotes by Democrats

Posted on Nov. 30, 09 | 11:34 AM by Andrew Roth | Topic: General Economics
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Obama and the Democrats are devising a new stimulus bill in an effort to combat the ever-increasing unemployment rate.  Just like the first stimulus bill, we can expect it to grow the deficit, grow the government, and continue to grow the unemployment rate.

What's even more remarkable is how dumb they sound when they try to defend Stimulus I and II.  Here's a good one as reported in the LA Times:

The stimulus boosted employment but "did it in a way that was not as highly visible as a lot of people would like," said Rep. Betty Sutton (D-Ohio).
I don't understand.  Are there invisible jobs out there?  If all jobs are reported, where are these unreported phantom jobs?  Here's another one:

"I hope we don't play around the edges with this and we do what will work. Invest the money now," said Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland), who chairs the Congressional Black Caucus. "We have to create jobs, and we have to create them right away."

So is Lee conceding that the first stimulus - which she voted for - was not a good idea?  Does she admit that it did not work?

This next one takes the cake:

“There’s sort of an anomaly here — people want us to do stuff on jobs but they don’t want to see a lot of government spending,” said Senator Charles E. Schumer, Democrat of New York.
Is Schumer that dense?  Where's the anomaly?  Economists could probably rattle off dozens of "cost-free" ways to increase jobs.  Reduce regulations, pass free trade agreements, kill the minimum wage.  Of course, all of these ideas would reduce the size of government so Democrats are reflexively against them.  And that is why Congress is going to pass another ugly, anti-growth bill...yet again.

Serenity now!
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