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Club for Growth Hails Copenhagen Climate Accord (No, seriously...)

Posted on Dec. 18, 09 | 04:55 PM by Michael Connolly | Topic: Other
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WASHINGTON – The Club for Growth today hailed President Obama’s announcement in Copenhagen of a “meaningful accord” with China, India, and South Africa about climate change and green house emissions.  Club President Chris Chocola made the following statement after the accord’s announcement:

"Like most Americans, I feared President Obama went to Copenhagen to sign a binding, job-killing, economic suicide pact.

“I am greatly relieved that the last-minute agreement President Obama negotiated is being widely described as ‘meaningful.’  When politicians call something ‘meaningful,’ that means it isn’t.

“Without even reading the accord, pro-growth, limited government conservatives today can celebrate the word, ‘meaningful.’  Today that adjective probably saved thirty million jobs.”

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