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Democrat Voters Support Social Security "Privatization"

Posted on Sep. 14, 10 | 09:00 AM by Andrew Roth | Topic: Entitlement Reform
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Across the country, Democrats are attacking Republican candidates for Congress who support Social Security "privatization."

I assume Democrats are doing this because they believe voters oppose "privatization."  I'm not sure I know what that word means exactly, but perhaps it means giving people the voluntary choice to control a portion of their own Social Security benefits in a personal account where they can invest in something other than Treasury bonds.  This gives people partial ownership of their retirement rather than being dependent on a federal government that annually raids the Social Security Trust Fund to finance their  wasteful spending schemes.

If these personal accounts are what Democrats view as privatization, then they better stop their attacks on congressional candidates who support it.  The public is wildly in favor of it.  From the Pew Research Center:

...58% favor a proposal that would allow workers under age 55 to invest a portion of their Social Security taxes in personal retirement accounts that would rise and fall with the markets; 28% oppose this proposal.  Majorities across all age groups – except for those 65 and older – favor this proposal. 

Among senior citizens, as many favor (42%) as oppose (42%) allowing private investments in Social Security. By contrast, fully 70% of those younger than 30 favor this idea.

The breakdown among the political parties is even more impressive.  Republicans favor personal accounts 65-21, Democrats are 50-36, and Independents are 61-27.

In the end, opponents of personal accounts want to deny people the economic freedom they rightfully deserve.  Instead, opponents want people to be dependent on a federal government that has only shown complete ineptitude when it comes to being fiscal stewards of Americans' hard earned tax dollars.

No thanks.
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