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Club for Growth Endorses Jack Kingston for Appropriations Chair

Posted on Nov. 29, 10 | 11:23 AM by Michael Connolly | Topic: Government Spending
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WASHINGTON – Club for Growth President Chris Chocola today made the following statement regarding the chairmanship of the House Appropriations Committee in the 112th Congress:

“After reviewing the voting records of the candidates to chair the Appropriations Committee in the new House of Representatives, the Club for Growth has concluded that Rep. Jack Kingston is the best of the field. 

“Congressman Kingston earned one of the highest scores of any appropriator on the Club for Growth’s score card, and fared far better than other senior members of the Committee on our RePork Card.  He supports the inclusion of true pro-growth, limited government conservatives on the Committee, greater transparency in the spending process, and understands the fundamental mood change in the country about the size and scope of government. 

“If fiscal conservatives want to get control of federal spending, we must first get control of the Appropriations Committee.  And Jack Kingston gives us the best chance to accomplish that goal.”

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