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Mike Huckabee is a Liberal, a Continuing Series

Posted on May. 21, 06 | 04:14 PM by Andrew Roth | Topic:
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Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is revealing his true liberal colors again.

According to this Washington Times article from May 17, the governor wants to end his final term in office with a "bang, not a whimper", in part by rebating a large portion of the state's $600 million budget surplus.

That's all fine and good, but two short days later came this report from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Excerpt:

Gov. Mike Huckabee on Thursday said he wasn't going to put much effort into convincing legislators to pass a tax rebate this year.

The article goes on to say that Huckabee still won't give up on the issue, but that he's "not going to stir it up."

So much for the bang, eh Guv?

That surplus is the peoples' money. They worked hard for it and they deserve it back. But the Governor doesn't want to work hard in return to make sure they get it. And judging from some other comments he made in the article, he doesn't seem to know whether tax rebates or tax cuts are the best option for the public. (That's a no-brainer for anyone with a nominal understanding of supply-side economics. Tax cuts provide pro-growth incentives, rebates do not.)

Regular readers of the Club's blog know that Mike Huckabee is a liberal in Republican clothing, but for those of you who are new to the website, let's recap.

Here is Huckabee's laundry list of liberal offenses (which seems to get longer and longer with each passing day):

  • Huckabee signed a gas tax hike in 1999
  • He called for a state sales tax hike in 2002
  • He signed a 25-cent cigarette tax hike in 2003
  • He publicly opposed the repeal of a sales tax on groceries and medicine in 2002
  • He increased state spending 65.3% from 1996 to 2004
  • He allowed a major tax hike package to pass in 2004
  • He received a "D" grade on fiscal issues from the Cato Institute in 2004
  • He raised the minimum wage this year
  • He called No Child Left Behind the greatest education reform effort by the federal government "in my lifetime."
  • He has actively gone after so-called "price gougers"

Whew! With a record like that, Huckabee isn't some kind of softer, gentler Republican when it comes to fiscal issues. He's not even a squishy moderate. Instead, he's a monument of liberalism. The one thing he's selling - big government - is the one thing that the frustrated Republican base in this country isn't buying, now or in a couple of years.

If you'd like to learn more about Huckabee, bookmark our Huckabee-Only section of the blog. I plan to update it often.

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