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Mike Huckabee Gets an 'F'

Posted on Oct. 19, 06 | 05:42 PM by Andrew Roth | Topic:
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The Cato Institute just released their 2006 fiscal report card for all 50 governors. Not surprisingly, Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee had a failing performance. Excerpt: bq. "Mike Huckabee of Arkansas also went from being one of the best governors in America to one of the worst. He receives an F for his current term and a D for his entire tenure. The main reason for the drop was his insistence on raising taxes at almost every turn throughout his final term." According to the Cato data, Huckabee's most recent score was broken down into 3 parts: * 'F' for revenue variables (he was dead last among all 50 governors) * 'C' for spending variables (he was 16th) * 'F' for tax rates (he guessed it...dead last again) To put this into perspective, Huckabee had a worst score than Ohio Governor Bob Taft (he got a "C"), who is normally considered the worst governor in the country.
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