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Club for Growth PAC Disappointed By Akin Ad Defending Earmarks

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 Club for Growth President Chris Chocola: “Earmarks are wrong, and Congressman Akin is wrong to defend them.”  

Washington, DC - The Club for Growth PAC issued the following statement today in response to a TV ad by Missouri Senate candidate and Congressman Todd Akin that defends earmarks: 

“Earmarks and pork were the catalyst for an explosion in reckless government spending, including the infamous Bridge to Nowhere in Alaska. While we have no issue with making sure our troops are protected, for every worthy project there are dozens of wasteful ones – and that’s exactly how the corrupt earmark process worked,” said Club for Growth President Chris Chocola, “The Club for Growth PAC is disappointed that Congressman Akin, who otherwise scores highly on other issues of economic freedom, would defend a policy that directly leads to more government and wasteful spending. Earmarks are wrong, and Congressman Akin is wrong to defend them.” 

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