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(Last updated on July 9, 2012)

METHODOLOGYThis scorecard includes 45 votes on amendments offered in the House to cut spending.  Click here to see a description of each vote.  The Club for Growth position is a “YES” on each of these 45 votes, and each one is weighed equally.  The overall score for each Member is listed below.  Some Members were not present for each vote, so a ratio of their YES votes compared to the total number of votes they cast are listed in the “Ratio” column.  This is an ongoing scorecard - future votes will be added if they are considered on the House floor.  There are 432 House Members listed on this scorecard because 2 House seats are currently vacant, and as Speaker of the House, John Boehner does not typically vote on amendments.

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 State Dist. Party Lawmaker Score Ratio
 IL 18 R Schock 11% 5 / 45

From Club Members

I am 18 years old and am in high school. I take AP American government and politics, and I love this organization for not only helping me to understand how interest groups work, but also for providing me with information. This organization helps me to make stronger arguments in class and I am able to convince more people that the current president has abused his power, has lied, and should not win reelection. I want to thank this club for raising awareness so that its members can then go out and share that information on a grassroots level. I would like a job when I graduate college, and now that I can vote this organization helps me to make the best candidate choice to give me the best chance I have to being succesful.
- Tyler Stein, Tewksbury, MA

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