Daniel Cameron

Daniel Cameron


Primary Election:
May 16, 2023
General Election:
November 7, 2023
July 31, 2023
Elizabethtown, KY
Professional Background:
Lawyer, Attorney General (KY), 2019-present


Cameron ran in the 2019 Kentucky Attorney General election, winning with 57.7% of the vote. He is the first African American elected to a standalone statewide office in Kentucky’s history and is the first Republican to hold the office of Attorney General since 1948.

As Attorney General, Cameron challenged several of Governor Andy Beshear’s COVID-19 restrictions and worked to reopen churches and businesses.  If elected as Governor, Cameron will work to reverse any Executive Actions by the Democrat Governor to help accommodate a stronger economic recovery and ensure small businesses and schools are never shut down again.

Cameron also says he will work with the legislature to expand school choice and ensure state funding follows the student, not the educational bureaucracy. Cameron also says he will work to place work requirements on Medicaid and he will work to incrementally reduce Kentucky’s state income tax and get it as close to zero as possible.

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