Rand Paul

Rand Paul


Primary Election:
May 17, 2022
General Election:
November 8, 2022
February 12, 2021
Lake Jackson, Texas
Professional Background:
U.S. Senator since 2011


Senator Rand Paul is a two-term Senator and was endorsed by Club for Growth PAC in 2010 and 2016. Senator Paul is a liberty-loving, pro-growth Republican who has led the fight to balance the federal budget while in the Senate. Pro-growth highlights:

  • 8-time winner of Club for Growth’s Defender of Economic Freedom Award (95% lifetime rating on Club for Growth Foundation’s Economic Scorecard)
  • Releases annual report on wasteful federal spending to pressure Congress to balance the budget
  • Leader on parental choice in education
  • Leader on health care freedom, having written and introduced his own alternative replacement to Obamacare.

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