Ted Budd – Winner!

Ted Budd – Winner!


Primary Election:
May 8, 2018
General Election:
November 6, 2018
April 11, 2018
Advance, NC
Professional Background:
Businessman; U.S. House Representative, NC-13


Political Experience: U.S. House Representative, 2017-Present

Pro-Growth Highlights:

  • Congressman Budd was first elected with Club-member support in 2016.  He is now running for re-election.
  • A stellar Club Score of 95% in freshmen year in Congress
  • Fought leadership when they tried to whip him into voting for bad bills
  • Successfully led the fight to keep a transportation earmark out of the recent $1.3 trillion omnibus bill (which he subsequently voted against)
  • Member of the House Freedom Caucus

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