U.S. Senate, Tennessee (Primary Election)

U.S. Senate, Tennessee (Primary Election)

This is an open-seat primary to replace retiring Senator Bob Corker. Given Tennessee’s strong Republican dominance, most of the competition will occur in the Republican primary, which is not until August.

State of the Race – Primary

Former Congressman Stephen Fincher has thrown his hat into the ring and entered the race. Although he first was elected as a Tea Party candidate, Fincher quickly became a moderate Republican with a 78% lifetime Club for Growth rating. He has $2.4 million leftover in his House campaign account. Blackburn, however, is a tireless campaigner and had $3.1 million cash-on-hand at the end of the second quarter.

A Fincher-Blackburn showdown will both be a competition between a strong, articulate woman and a “good ol’ boy” as well as an ideological fight. Her conservative credentials will play to Blackburn’s advantage. Fincher has voted for a number of items that will hurt him with Republican primary voters:

  • Fincher was a big supporter of the cronyist Export-Import Bank, and even launched a discharge petition to force the House to vote on the bank’s re-authorization. His patronage for this government subsidy program was so extreme that he voted to allow ExIm Bank to lend tax dollars to state sponsors of terrorism, which include Iran and North Korea.
  • Fincher voted repeatedly to increase the debt limit
  • Fincher voted for all kinds of wasteful spending including green energy programs and pork projects like the National Sheep Industry Improvement Center
  • Fincher repeatedly voted against spending cut bills across all agencies of government
  • Fincher not only supports the Farm Bill, he even opposed common sense reforms and voted against reducing sugar subsidies and capping farm subsidy payments

CFG Action Tennessee Launches Ad Exposing the “Fincher that Taxed Christmas”

CFG Action Tennessee unveiled a new digital ad, the “Fincher that Taxed Christmas,” targeting Stephen Fincher and his liberal voting record.  The ad will run statewide in Tennessee for the duration of this week of December 18, 2017.



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