David Curson


2012 Score:
  • Defender of Economic Freedom 2012


Title Description Club Position Rep. Position
H R 8 Pass deal to increase tax rates, delay automatic spending cuts N Y
H R 6726 Freeze federal employee pay Y N
2012 1000%
Title Description Club Position Rep. Position
Farm Bill Petition Y Y
Cut Scorecard Y N
H RES 841 Adopt rule on bill that increases tax rates and cancels spending cuts N N
H R 6684 Pass bill to reduce automatic spending cuts N N
H R 6156 Pass Russian free trade bill Y Y
H R 6213 Bar new energy loan guarantees Y I
H J RES 11 Pass omnibus government spending bill, fund ObamaCare N I
H R 5865 Create federal manufacturing planning board N I
H R 2072 Reauthorize Export-Import Bank subsidies N I
H R 3606 Ease SEC regulations on emerging growth companies Y I
H R 4348 Cap transportation bill spending Y I
H R 4105 Allow Commerce Dept. to impose new import taxes N I
H R 5325 Limit Davis Bacon union wage subsidy rule Y I
H R 1173 Repeal long term care entitlement Y I
H R 8 Extend all 2001 & 2003 tax rate cuts for 2013 Y I
H R 4078 Pass Regulatory Freeze for Jobs Act Y I
H R 6079 Repeal ObamaCare Y I
H R 4348 Pass bloated spending bill for tranportation programs and student loan and flood insurance subsidies N I
H R 4348 Ban use of imports in transportation projects N I
H R 4628 Extend student loan subsidies for one year N I
H CON RES Pass Republican Study Cmte. Budget Y I
H R 3309 Impose new political speech restrictions N I
H R 3408 Expand oil and gas leasing Y I

Y = Yes Vote    N = No Vote    A = Absent for Vote