Christopher Jacobs


2022 Score:


2022 44%
Title Description Club Position Rep. Position
HR2617 Lame Duck Omnibus N Y
HR1437 One Week CR N Y
HR6833 CR Sept 30 N Y
HR5376 Inflation Reduction Act N N
HR263 Big Cat Public Safety Act N Y
HR4346 CHIPS Act N Y
HR6929 Private Pension Bailout N Y
HR7309 WIO Act N N
HR903 TSA Act N N
HR3807 RRFR Act N N
HR6833 Affordable Insulin Now Act N N
HR963 FAIR Act N N
HR3076 Postal Service Reform Act N Y
2021 73%
Title Description Club Position Rep. Position
SJR33 Fake Debt Limit N N
HR6119 Further Extending Government Funding Act - CR N N
HR5376 On Reconciliation - Build Back Better N N
HR3684 On motion that the House agree to the Senate amendment N N
HR3684 BIF (Invest in America Act) N N
HR5305 CR, Debt limit, Supplemental N N
HR4 John Lewis Voting Rights N N
HR4502 Bloated Bus that defunds Charter Schools N N
HR2467 New EPA regulations N Y
HR3684 Invest in America Act N N
HR3237 Emergency Supplemental N N
HR1065 Pregnant Workers Fairness Act N Y
HR7 Paycheck Fairness Act N N
HR1868 Waiving PAYGO for Stimulus N Y
Roy Earmarks Letter Y N
HR1319 Partisan Reconciliation (Biden Stimulus) N N
HR842 PRO Act N N
HR1 Election Fraud N N
HCR11 Shell Budget N N
2020 n.a.
Title Description Club Position Rep. Position
HR9051 Cash Act of 2020 N Y
HR133 Christmas Wish 1 N Y
HR133 Christmas Wish 2 N Y
HR925 Heroes 2.0 N N
HR8337 2021 Continuing Resolution N Y
HR8015 Postal Bailout N N

Y = Yes Vote    N = No Vote    A = Absent for Vote