Nicholas Lampson


2008 Score:


2008 46%
Title Description Club Position Rep. Position
Bonus Bill Tally Y N
NTU Grade Points Y N
Earmarks Refused Y N
Energy Bill Discharge Petition Y N
H R 7321 Auto Bailout N Y
H R 6899 Energy Regulation Bill N A
H R 1424 Government Health Care Mandate N N
H R 1424 $700 Billion Bank Bailout N N
H R 6599 Kill Offshore Drilling Amendment N N
H R 6599 Cut 103 Earmarks Y N
H R 2419 Limit Farm Subsidies Y Y
H R 1338 Expand Equal Pay Act N Y
H R 6604 Commodity Market Regulations N N
H R 1108 Tobacco Regulation N Y
H RES 1368 Waive Medicare Trigger N N
H R 6532 Highway Fund Bailout N Y
H R 3221 Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Bailout N Y
H R 6275 New Taxes N A
H R 6346 Fuel Price Controls N Y
H R 6049 New Taxes N N
H R 2642 Income Tax Surtax, Spending Increase N N
H R 2419 Pass the Farm Bill N Y
H R 5613 Continue Medicaid Loopholes N Y
H RES 1092 Kill Colombia Free Trade Agreement N N
H CON RES Conservative Alternative Budget Y Y
H R 3963 Expand Government Run Health Care, Veto Override N Y
H R 3524 Davis Bacon Waiver Y N

Y = Yes Vote    N = No Vote    A = Absent for Vote