Vote Studies

From time to time, the Club for Growth creates unique scorecards separate from our main Congressional Scorecard.  These scorecards typically focus on a narrow issue like earmarks or spending cuts, rather than a broad analysis of all economic policies.  We create these scorecards to give Club members and the public greater clarity on how members of Congress vote on specific issues that are often overlooked by the news media.

Check out these past vote studies:

2012 Spending Cut Scorecard

2009 rePORK Card

Additionally, every four years the Club for Growth does extensive research on the economic policy positions of various presidential candidates.  After a thorough examination of their voting records, public statements and media appearances, the Club for Growth publishes a heavily footnoted “white paper” for each candidate.  These white papers have been instrumental in shaping the debate on economic issues.

The 2016 Presidential White Series is now launched, check out the latest publications here:

2016 Presidential White Papers

See past white papers: