Chris McDaniel (MS-Sen)

Chris McDaniel (MS-Sen)
Primary Election:  June 3, 2014

Runoff Election (if necessary): June 24, 2014

General Election:  November 4, 2014 

Endorsed: October 17, 2013

Age: 41 

Hometown: Ellisville, MS 

Professional Background: Attorney  

Political Experience: Mississippi State Senator, 2008-Present

Pro-Growth Highlights:

  • Represented Mississippi in lawsuit against ObamaCare
  • Chairman of Mississippi Senate Conservative Coalition

Race Details:

The Club for Growth PAC has endorsed State Senator Chris McDaniel for the United States Senate in Mississippi. Since entering the Mississippi Senate, McDaniel has proven himself not only to be a consistent defender of liberty and economic freedom, but also a leader on the issues that Club members care the most about. He founded the Mississippi Senate Conservative Coalition, a group designed to push the Mississippi Senate to advance more conservative policies. A skilled litigator, he represented the state of Mississippi in its lawsuit against ObamaCare. McDaniel recognizes that both parties are responsible for $17 trillion in debt, once remarking at a tea party rally that “My party, too, at time has lost its principles - all for self preservation…Let's not forget it was the previous eight years prior to the Obama administration where our debt increased at a greater rate than any other time in history." We have no doubt that in the Senate, McDaniel would be an ally of Ted Cruz (TX), Marco Rubio (FL), Tim Scott (SC), Mike Lee (UT), Ron Johnson (WI), Pat Toomey (PA) and Rand Paul (KY).      

In the primary, McDaniel faces incumbent Republican Senator Thad Cochran. A former Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Cochran holds a lifetime 68% on the Club’s Congressional Scorecard in a deep-red state. In 2012, Cochran received a 48%, putting him 4th from the bottom of all Republican Senators. Cochran voted to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, voted repeatedly to raise the debt limit by trillions of dollars, and even voted against a resolution that stated Congress has a “moral obligation" to cut spending. Senator Cochran has also voted to confirm liberal Supreme Court Justices and is a strong supporter of wasteful, pork-barrel earmarks like the infamous "Bridge to Nowhere" in Alaska. Cochran has entire Republican establishment behind him – all the more reason that Senator McDaniel will need the strong support of the Club’s PAC!

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