Budget & Spending

The government has grown so large that the activities of hundreds of the federal government’s agencies are beyond the knowledge and understanding of its citizens. In fact, the federal government has grown to such an enormous, overreaching extent that our representatives in Congress cannot adequately oversee and control its activities.  It is imperative for lawmakers to get the nation’s finances in order immediately by applying a fiscally conservative approach to federal spending and restructuring unsustainable entitlement programs. Putting off the difficult decisions until the federal budget’s condition deteriorates further will only result in much harsher and more expensive policy choices down the road.

Policy Recommendations:

  • Dramatically reduce discretionary spending.
  • Rein in runaway entitlement spending through market-based reforms.
  • Reform the US federal budget process with a Balanced Budget Amendment
  • Identify programs in the budget that can be cut, terminated, transferred to the states, or privatized.

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