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Fighting for Economic Growth, Together. The Club for Growth is a national network of over 500,000 pro-growth, limited government Americans who share in the belief that prosperity and opportunity come from economic freedom. The leading free-enterprise advocacy group in the nation, we win tough battles and we have an enormous influence on economic policy.  The Club for Growth is the only organization that is willing and able to take on any Member of Congress on policy who fails to uphold basic economic conservative principles…regardless of party.  We pinpoint key bills up for debate in Congress.  We exert maximum pressure on lawmakers to vote like free-market, limited government conservatives.  And if they don’t, we hold them accountable by publicizing their voting record.

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Key Vote Alert – NO on “Clean” 45 Day CR


House and Senate – “No” on Continuing Appropriations Act, 2024 and other Extensions The Club for Growth urges all Representatives...

Gensler Gets Grilled


WASHINGTON, D.C. - Club for Growth President David McIntosh issued the following statement in response SEC Chair Gary Gensler testimony...



Bitcoin Freedom PAC

Helping elect candidates for Congress who will fight for Bitcoin freedom and against any government overreach of Bitcoin.

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