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The Club for Growth is a national network of over 500,000 pro-growth, limited government Americans who share in the belief that prosperity and opportunity come from economic freedom.

The Club for Growth is the leading free-enterprise advocacy group in the nation. We win tough battles and we have an enormous influence on economic policy.

In fact, we are the only organization that is willing and able to take on any Member of Congress on policy who fails to uphold basic economic conservative principles…regardless of party.

We do this by pinpointing key bills up for debate in Congress and exerting maximum pressure on lawmakers to vote like free-market, limited government conservatives. And when they don’t, we hold them accountable by publicizing their voting record.


Some of the Club’s top policy goals include:

  • Reducing income tax rates and repealing the death tax
  • Replacing the current tax code with a fair/flat tax
  • The full repeal of ObamaCare and the end of abusive lawsuits through medical malpractice/tort reform
  • Reducing the size and scope of the federal government
  • Cutting government spending and passing a Balanced Budget Amendment to the United States Constitution
  • Regulatory reform and deregulation
  • Expanding school choice

The Club for Growth is focused on conservative economic policy and does not take positions on social issues or on the immigration/borders debate.

In addition to the enormous influence the Club for Growth has on key legislation, Club members also have the opportunity to impact the outcomes of key Senate and House races across the nation through the Club’s two political arms, Club for Growth Action and Club for Growth PAC.


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What is Club for Growth?

The Club for Growth is a national network of over 100,000 Americans, from all walks of life and from all 50 states, who believe that prosperity and opportunity come through economic freedom.   We promote economic growth through legislative involvement, issue advocacy, and public education.  In addition, we publish annual Congressional Scorecards rating every Member of Congress on whether or not they vote as an economic conservative.

What is Club for Growth Action?

Club for Growth Action is an “arm” of the Club and it is what is commonly referred to as a “Super PAC”.  Its mission is to run independent hard-hitting TV, radio, Internet, and direct mail campaigns to defeat big-government politicians and elect fiscal conservatives.

What is the Club for Growth PAC?

The Club’s Political Action Committee (PAC) endorses and raises money for candidates who stay true to the fundamental principles of limited government and economic freedom.

Why am I seeing hidden “member-only” content throughout the site?

Due to Federal Election Law, there is certain content that we are only allowed to share with Club members.  By joining now you will gain immediate access to this ‘members only’ content.  Or, if you are already a member, please log in to view this additional content.

Candidate Selection Process

How does the Club for Growth PAC select candidates to endorse?

The Club for Growth has a rigorous candidate vetting process. We thoroughly examine a candidate’s record on economic growth issues and conduct in-depth interviews with candidates. We research news coverage of the candidate, votes they have cast if they have been a local or state office holder, and examine his/her background for possible flaws that could affect their candidacy. Further, we often conduct our own polling to determine the candidate’s viability. The Club’s PAC then examines how each race and candidate compare to other races around the nation. This process can take weeks or even months to complete.

Does the Club’s PAC include social issues when considering a candidate endorsement?

No, our focus is only on economic issues. A candidate’s stance on social issues does not impact the Club’s PAC’s decision in whether or not to make an endorsement.

Does the Club’s PAC make local or state-level legislative candidate endorsements?

No, it only endorses federal candidates.

How can candidates contact the Club for Growth for an endorsement interview?

Please call (202) 955-5500 and ask for Bobbie Schwier or e-mail her at [email protected]. Due to the large number of candidates who contact us about being considered for a PAC endorsement, we must prioritize and limit interviews to races in which we believe an endorsement by the Club for Growth PAC would be considered. So, while we encourage candidates to contact us, we may decline an interview until we see fundraising and other evidence of a candidate’s viability and in races where we believe it is unlikely the Club’s PAC would become involved.


Who can contribute?

  • Club for Growth: Accepts both personal and corporate contributions.
  • Club for Growth Action: Accepts both personal and corporate contributions.

Are there contribution limits?

  • Club for Growth: Contributions are not limited.
  • Club for Growth Action: Contributions are not limited.

Are my contributions publicly disclosed?

  • Club for Growth: Donations are NOT publicly disclosed.
  • Club for Growth Action: Donations are publicly disclosed as required by law.

Club for Growth PAC Information:

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Legislative Policy

What does Club for Growth believe are the key policies necessary to balance our budget and grow our economy?

  • Lower marginal income tax rates
  • Cutting and limiting government spending
  • Death Tax repeal
  • Expanding free trade
  • Legal reform to end abusive lawsuits
  • Replacing the current tax code
  • School choice
  • Regulatory reform and deregulation
  • Reform entitlements to increase economic freedom and ensure that long-term federal spending is financially sustainable
  • Social Security reform with personal retirement accounts

What is the Club for Growth’s Congressional Scorecard?

The Club for Growth’s Congressional Scorecard is published annually so that Club members and the public can monitor the voting behavior of Members of Congress on issues of economic growth.  By letting Members of Congress know we are watching — and by tracking and reporting to Club members, the press and their constituents how they vote on key economic legislation — we make Representatives and Senators accountable for their votes.

For more details about the Club for Growth’s Congressional Scorecard, and to see a copy of our most recent Scorecard, click here.


How do I join the Club for Growth?

To join the Club for Growth you can simply click here.  You will be directed to a page where you can provide us with your contact information and affirm that you wish to become a Club member.

What are the benefits of becoming a member of the Club for Growth?

As a Club for Growth member, you are joining a network of over 100,000 concerned citizens who share in your belief that prosperity and opportunity come from economic freedom.  You will have the peace of mind of knowing that your contributions will be combined with those from other Club members to ensure maximum leverage and impact in promoting pro-growth economic policies in the Congress and preserving economic freedom in America.

Club member’s contributions also support our all-important candidate research and vetting work. Club members then receive recommendations from the Club’s PAC of candidates it has endorsed.

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