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Doug Ose's Record

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Oseƒ_Ts Record Speaks for Itself

Washington ƒ_" Sundayƒ_Ts editorial in the Auburn Journal endorsed Doug Ose in Californiaƒ_Ts Fourth Congressional District primary race, arguing that Ose will bring pork dollars home and will work ƒ_oto unite our country.ƒ__

The Auburn Journal is correctƒ_"Ose will do both of those things, but those are the exact reasons why Doug Ose is wrong for taxpayers and wrong for the Fourth Congressional District.

Take the issue of pork. As a member of Congress from the Third District, Ose consistently voted for outrageous pork projects and against stripping those projects from appropriations bills. He voted, for example, to spend Californiaƒ_Ts tax dollars on wood research; peanut competitiveness; asparagus research; and mohair subsidies. Sure, Ose brought home some pork to California but in order to get his few crumbs, Doug Ose had to vote to waste Californiaƒ_Ts tax dollars on billions of dollars in outrageous pork projects for all 49 other states. If taxpayers in the Fourth District are looking for a leader who will take on the culture of corrupt, wasteful spending in Washington, they should look no further than Tom McClintock. Doug Ose has already shown himself to be nothing more than a follower.

The Auburn Journal is also correct when they say that Ose is a ƒ_oconsensus builderƒ__ in the sense that heƒ_Td rather go along with the rest of his colleagues than fight for taxpayers. Let us consider what years of Oseƒ_Ts ƒ_oconsensus buildingƒ__ have wrought: A bloated Farm Bill that doled out subsidies to millionaire farmers, including Doug Ose himself; a brand new government entitlement program in the Medicare Prescription Drug Bill; the McCain-Feingold legislation, trampling on political free speech; and bloated government budgets.

ƒ_oIf voters in the Fourth Congressional District want to know how Doug Ose would vote in Congress, they need not look further than Oseƒ_Ts six years in Congress representing the Third District,ƒ__ said Club for Growth Executive Director David Keating. ƒ_oFrom 1999 to 2005, Ose was one of the most liberal Republicans in the House, voting for greater government spending, wasteful pork projects, special-interest subsidies; a brand new entitlement program, and even against removing a tax on the Internet. That kind of record may be good enough for the editorial board at the Auburn Journal, but that doesnƒ_Tt mean voters in the Fourth District have to settle for a big-government Republican.ƒ__


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