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New TV Ad By Club for Growth Action Exposes Tommy Thompson’s Record

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Club for Growth President Chris Chocola: “Tommy Thompson’s record of support for more spending, higher taxes, and ObamaCare will tank this ill-advised comeback attempt.”
Washington, DC – As he gears up for a return to politics, Club for Growth Action today announced new TV ad aimed at exposing career politician and former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson’s record of supporting new taxes, more spending, and ObamaCare.
If Tommy Thompson wants to run in a Republican Primary for United States Senate, he’s going to have to explain to voters why the Cato Institute reported that his later budgets called for “massive new spending,” and why his FY2000 budget increased spending by 13 percent. Tommy Thompson’s record on taxes is even worse. In 1991, Thompson imposed a tax on nursing home beds. His 1995 budget plan included nearly $400 million in various  fees and taxes. His 1998 budget contained new taxes on cigarettes, gasoline, and Internet sales. 
But the most distressing part about Tommy Thompsons’s record is his past support for ObamaCare. Thompson opposed repeal of ObamaCare, and supported an individual mandate which is crucial to ObamaCare. Thompson was even working with the Obama Administration on the implementation of ObamaCare, as a White House blog post, showing a smiling Thompson standing with Obama HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and liberal former Democratic Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle demonstrates. 
Non-partisan analysis of a recent Club for Growth Poll by national political analyst Stuart Rothenberg found that the “results reinforce the conclusion that Thompson’s support is shallow and raise questions about the former governor’s ability to survive a seriously contested primary.”
The TV ad, called “Record,” starts running Wednesday on Fox News throughout Wisconsin. To view the ad, go to or click here
“Tommy Thompson’s record of support for more spending, higher taxes, and ObamaCare will tank this ill-advised comeback attempt,” said Club for Growth President Chris Chocola. “In 2010, the people of Wisconsin said no to ObamaCare, and no to the tax-and-spend Obama agenda. That hasn’t changed, and neither has career politician Tommy Thompson’s record of bigger and more expensive government.” 

Script for “Record” (:30)
Voiceover: Tommy Thompson has been a politician since way back in nineteen sixty-six
But do you know his record?
As Governor, Thompson supported massive tax and spending increases
And when it comes to ObamaCare, there’s this: 
President Barack Obama: “Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg came out in support of reform…as does Republican Tommy Thompson, a former Wisconsin Governor.”
Voiceover: Tommy Thompson: Not what we need in the U.S. Senate.
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