General Economics

In The News… 5.3.16

Stacy French - May 03rd, 2016
  •  Utah Policy, Mike Lee gets a perfect score on the Club for Growth’s scorecard, and Utah’s Representatives all finish in the top-100 for that chamber.
  • John Fleming blasts Democrats for moving so far left and Republicans for doing nothing to stop them, The Advocate
  • Investor’s Business DailyInstead of hammering the rich with higher taxes, “Policies that promote savings and wealth accumulation for the middle-class and working poor would be far more effective at closing the wealth gap.”
  • Daily Signal on how capitalism saved the buffalo

In The News… 4.14.16

Stacy French - April 14th, 2016
  • Steve Forbes on Obama’s war against prosperity, Forbes
  • IBD on the rising premiums of Obamacare

In The News… 4.12.16

Stacy French - April 12th, 2016
  • The Weekly Standard suggests five methods to wreck the economy, most of which are goals of the Democratic Party
  • In the Daily Signal, Sen. Mike Like writes about the Washington Bureaucracy and government overreach.
  • Time, Our complex tax code is crippling America

In The News… 4.7.16

Stacy French - April 07th, 2016
  • e21 on how ObamaCare is really performing
  • Investor’s Business Daily, Obama takes “new executive action that will alter the tax laws to prevent companies from leaving the U.S. for lower-tax nations” and, of course, it’s “anti-business”
  • The Hill, Big government is hurting the little guy in its efforts to help

In The News… 4.5.16

Stacy French - April 05th, 2016
  • National Review defends free trade against Trump’s attacks
  • Sen. Ron Johnson closes in on Russ Feingold in the latest Emerson Poll. Johnson trails by just 4 points, 48-44
  • Warren Davidson will most likely be Ohio’s next congressman. Here are 9 things that voters should know about him; WKYC.
  • Tim Scott defends the Employee Rights Act which would protect workers from Big Labor and Big Government, Greenville Online