ReasonTV: Chris Hedges at Flood Wall Street: “Capitalism Exploits Humans”

Barney Keller - September 23rd, 2014

The Kronies are back…

Barney Keller - September 08th, 2014

Good Quotes

Andrew Roth - August 13th, 2014

Writing for National Review about Senator Rand Paul, Kevin Williamson had some quotable quotes:

Senators Paul and Cruz, and House insurgents such as Justin Amash, are compelling figures to many not so much because of the content of their ideas but simply because they have ideas and seem to be guided by them. After enduring these long years of sterile empathy rhetoric, perhaps we are, at long last, ready to think rather than to merely experience sensation.

And this is a good one…

But what is truly radical about Senator Paul is not his philosophy per se but his relatively modest conception of what government can and should be. Barack Obama’s very large conception of the presidency seems to be tied up in his very large conception of himself.

The Economics of The LEGO Movie

Andrew Roth - August 07th, 2014

"The Kronies"

Barney Keller - January 24th, 2014