David McIntosh Discusses Harris/AOC Policy Proposal & CFG Analysis Of Pelosi’s Democrat Majority Makers on Fox & Friends


Club for Growth President David McIntosh appeared on Fox & Friends and discussed the proposal from Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) to give more federal housing assistance to ex-cons. He also talked about the recently released analysis of the voting record of the 43 House Democrats that beat Republicans in 2018, Pelosi’s Democrat Majority Makers.

McIntosh said the proposal is one of the many examples of how the Democratic party is being pulled to the left by its radical socialist wing. “It’s another example of how far left AOC and the progressives are pulling the presidential candidates.”

“This move to the left is not just with the presidential candidates, but AOC and her colleagues in the House, the New Democrats. The Club for Growth just released a study, 92% of the time they vote with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez so she’s having a huge influence, pulling the whole party to the left which will be a problem for them in the fall,” McIntosh continued.