ICYMI: Supreme Court arguments suggest bright future for parental school choice, writes Club for Growth President David McIntosh


In case you missed it, Club for Growth President David McIntosh penned an op-ed in FoxNews.com on how the Supreme Court arguments in Carson v. Makin signal a bright future for school choice.

Read the full op-ed here.


“Supporters of school freedom can take comfort in the fact that Supreme Court justices are pushing back on state efforts to exclude families who want to use school choice to send their children to religious schools. School freedom should be for all families regardless of whether they plan to send their children to a secular or religious school.

The case currently before the court, Carson v. Makin, pits Maine parents who want to use the state’s voucher program to send their children to religious schools against a 1980 decision by Maine’s attorney general denying families that option.”


“Most Americans support expanded school choice; a recent poll found that 74% of voters support school choice programs. The combination of widespread public support and strong results means state legislatures across the nation should pursue parental choice programs.

The Supreme Court has a chance to strike a blow for parental school choice that will be heard across the nation. Ruling for the families will pave the road for robust parental choice programs that help all families take control of their children’s education.”