In Memory of Thomas L. “Dusty” Rhodes, A Founding Father of the Club for Growth


Club for Growth Mourns the Passing of Thomas L. “Dusty” Rhodes, Chairman Emeritus, Club for Growth.

Dusty Rhodes, along with Richard Gilder, founded the New York Club for Growth which became the national Club for Growth in 1999. He served as Chairman of the Board from 2007 to 2010 and remained on its board until 2011 when he assumed status as Chairman Emeritus. As Chairman of the National Club for Growth, Dusty oversaw its transition into the leading national conservative organization promoting economic freedom. In this capacity, Dusty built the Club for Growth PAC into a political force to elect champions for pro-growth policies.

Club for Growth Chairman, Jackson T. Stephens, Jr. commenting on the passing of Rhodes on March 7, 2018, said, “Dusty was a long-time friend and inspiration to anyone who knew or worked with him.  He was a very successful business executive and investor who served as a trustee and director of a number of non-profit organizations and was widely known for his service as president of National Review magazine.”

Stephens continued, “Dusty not only founded the Club for Growth, but his leadership was crucial at the time of transition from Steve Moore to Senator Pat Toomey as president of the Club.  Dusty was a strong guiding force during this time and his leadership is what made the Club strong then and was critical to the success it is today.”

David McIntosh, President of Club for Growth also added, “All of us at the Club for Growth are deeply saddened by Dusty’s passing. Dusty is a true American patriot and leader of the conservative movement. I remember fondly as a Member of Congress meeting with Dusty to urge him to establish the Club for Growth. Dusty Rhodes’ leadership is missed by us all, but his legacy of securing freedom for future generations of Americans will live on.”