“NO” on Waiving PAYGO for $1.9 TRILLION Biden Stimulus, H.R. 1868


Club for Growth opposes the bill to waive PAYGO for the $1.9 trillion Biden Stimulus bill, H.R. 1868, and urges all Representatives and Senators to vote no. The legislation is expected to be considered soon in the House of Representatives and Senate. The result of the vote will be included in the Club for Growth Foundation’s 2020 Congressional Scorecard.

This legislation would provide for a waiver of PAYGO sequestration caused by the outrageous spending in the partisan $1.9 trillion Biden Stimulus bill. Congress has utterly failed to maintain any level of fiscal discipline and the American people now face a national debt of over $28 trillion.

Congress is mortgaging the future of the U.S. economy in the name of the coronavirus pandemic. But the Biden Stimulus bill is mostly loaded up with federal spending that isn’t emergency in nature and is projected to be spent well beyond 2021. CBO also projected earlier this year that it was unnecessary to pass law with more stimulus spending in order for the U.S. economy to return to pre-pandemic levels of economic growth this year. But Democrats couldn’t pass up taking advantage of legislating during a crisis and jammed the Biden Stimulus bill through the House and Senate without any Republican support in the House or Senate.

Now, these same Democrats want Republicans to acquiesce waiving the budgetary discipline associated with their spending spree. Any Member of Congress that believes the federal government has a spending problem should reject this bill and instead work to enact major spending reforms that will finally address the fiscal crisis America faces. With the expiration of the debt limit suspension occurring in the summer of 2021, the timing for fiscal reforms is ripe. Club for Growth strongly encourages Members of Congress to stop whistling past the graveyard and address the ballooning national debt so that the U.S. economy is not ruined for future generations.

Club for Growth Foundation’s Congressional Scorecard for the 117th Congress provides a comprehensive rating of how well or how poorly each member of Congress supports pro-growth, free-market policies and will be distributed to the public.