John Sununu


2008 Score:
  • Defender of Economic Freedom 2006
  • Defender of Economic Freedom 2005


2008 56%
Title Description Club Position Rep. Position
Bonus Bill Tally Y Y
H.R. 7005 Auto Company Bailout N A
H.R. 1424 Bank Bailout N Y
H.R. 6049 Tax Increase for AMT N N
S. 3297 Omnibus Spending Bill N A
H.R. 3221 Fannie And Freddie Bailout -- Final Passage N Y
H.R. 3221 Fannie And Freddie Bailout N Y
H.R. 3221 Strike $300 Billion Increase in FHA Insurance Y N
S. 3044 Windfall Profits Tax N N
S. 3036 Cap Carbon Emissions N Y
H.R. 2419 Pass Farm Bill N N
S. 2284 Allow Drilling in Alaska and Offshore Y Y
S. 2284 Create a Federal Hurricane Insurance Program N N
H.R. 3221 Kill Amendment to Allow Judges to Modify Mortgages Y Y
S.Con.Res. Pass Tax Increase Budget N N
S.Con.Res. 70 Cut Spending On Ineffective Programs Y Y
S.Con.Res. 70 Create Senate Rule Against Tax Hikes Y Y
S.Con.Res. 70 One Year Ban On Earmarks Y Y
S.Con.Res. 70 Extend 2001, 2003 Income Tax Cuts Y Y
S. 2663 Kill Legal Reform Amendment N N
S. 2663 Kill Amendment on Certain Contingency Fee Agreements N N
2006 100%
Title Description Club Position Rep. Position
NTU Rating Y Y
Card Check Y N
Anti-Free Speech Bill Y N
Pro-Free Speech Letter Y Y
Bill Tally Y N
H.R. 5384 Waive Budget Act N N
H.R. 5684 Oman Free Trade Agreement Y Y
S. 3711 Gulf Offshore Drilling Y Y
S. 2766 Minimum Wage Hike N N
H.R. 8 Death Tax Repeal Y Y
S. 1955 Small Business Health Plans Y Y
H.R. 4297 Extend Tax Cuts Y Y
S. 22 Medical Liability Legal Reform Y Y
H.R. 4939 Cut Shipbuilder Pork Y Y
H.R. 4939 Cut Seafood Promotion Pork N N
H.R. 4939 Cut Rail Line Pork N N
H.R. 4939 Trim Supplemental Spending Hikes N N
S.Con.Res. 83 Discretionary Spending Limit Y Y
S.Con.Res. 83 Mandatory Spending Restraint Y Y
S.Con.Res. 83 Medicare Point of Order N N
S.Con.Res. 83 Social Security Reserve Fund Y Y
S.Con.Res. 83 Medicare Price "Negotiation" N N
S.Con.Res. 83 TaxGo Rules N N
S. 852 Asbestos -- Medical Criteria N N
2005 100%
Title Description Club Position Rep. Position
NTU Grade Points Y Y
Social Security bonus Y Y
Bill Tally Bonus Y N
S. 1932 Budget Reconc Y Y
S. 2020 Higher Marginal Tax Rates N N
S. 2020 Price controls N N
S. 2020 Higher Top Tax Bracket N N
S. 2020 Windfall Profit Tax N N
S. 1932 Inhofe Budget Cap Y Y
S. 1932 School Choice Y Y
S. 1932 Drug Prices N N
H.R. 3058 Bridge to Nowhere Y Y
H.R. 3058 Minimum Wage N N
H.R. 3 Hwy Conf Report N A
S. 1307 CAFTA Y Y
H.R. 6 Renewables Mandate, Electricity N N
H.R. 6 Gas Mandate N N
H.R. 3 Add $ to Highway Bill N N
S. 600 Trade Tax Increase Y Y
S.Con.Res. 18 Medicaid Reconciliation N N
S.Con.Res. 18 Strike Tax Cuts N N
S.Con.Res. 18 Tax Cut Obstacle N N
S.Con.Res. 18 ANWR N N
S. 5 Class Action Reform Y A

Y = Yes Vote    N = No Vote    A = Absent for Vote