Who’s Lost Credibility Now?


In the National Review today, Club for Growth President Chris Chocola takes house GOP leadership to task for abandoning all pretense of principle on the heels of their decision to put a "clean" debt limit increase on the floor:

Let’s review: The Republicans voted for the sequester. Then they spent two years talking about how they didn’t want the sequester. Then, they got rid of it, and replaced it with the Ryan–Murray budget. Then, they got rid of some of the cuts from the Ryan–Murray budget. At the same time, they went from wanting a constitutional Balanced Budget Amendment in exchange for raising the debt limit, to “dollar-for-dollar” cuts, to nothing.  
And their rationale for this essentially boils down to “we have to take the Senate,” never mind the fact that regardless of the caucus counts, the Senate (and the House) will still be populated by a bunch of RINOs who apparently have no real interest in saving America from fiscal ruin.
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